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QuickBooks Application for Windows – Features and Reviews

The QuickBooks application for Windows platform is out now, really a time-saving application for business insights. With easy invoicing process and integrated online banking availability, it has some great useful features. You can download it from the official QuickBooks website, available for a 30days trial and pay a fee of $219.95 per year. Here are every detail starting from introduction to integration of QuickBooks for Windows .

What is Quickbooks on Windows?

Intuit Inc. has designed the software to manage many important things to help small business, starting from managing payroll to sales, QuickBooks features inventory, marketing tools, product, supplies, and merchant services. You can completely organize your business on a page, manage the finances, and check the growth rate of your company. Also, you can make instant online payment and one-click report to see how the business is performing. You can check all QuickBooks Windows issues and problem here.

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QuickBooks Versions

QuickBooks has few notable versions you need to know; there’s not only one. Intuit Inc. has launched QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Pro are available for Windows platform. QuickBooks online will let you organize things in one place, with great navigation and advanced tools, you can also run it on your phone without paying extra charges. The Premier version of QuickBooks is genius and flexible, with the easy inventory system, and balance sheets classification. The QuickBooks Pro is designed to simplify your life and business, with a single click you can make online payments, online invoicing, and you will also get to know how your business is running to make a plan of your next step.

System Requirements for QuickBooks

You don’t need a very expensive machine to run the application. Also, it is designed for both 32-bit and 64-bit operating system. Here are the recommended system requirements –

• Windows 7 service pack1, 8.1, and Windows 10
• Windows Server 2008-2012 R2
• Disk space required 2.5 GB
• 6 GB Ram (You can run it on 4GB)
• Processor clock speeds 2.4 GHz
• Internet access needed to use full features
• Screen resolution 1280×1024, the application supports two extended monitors

QuickBooks Support for Window 7, Window 10 & Window 8

There are advantages and disadvantages of the software, many notable benefits of QuickBooks are easy payroll, designs, user-friendly UI, and easy to organize application for a small business. Also, it has some cons that users have encountered mostly like can’t set up sales tax preferences, or can’t review balance sheets, or even data backup problem. But these problems are now sorted, you can use the guide when you feel there is a problem, it may help. No such major problems have happened, though the application is not complicated, you need to explore.

You can sync your QuickBooks with Square now to perform even better on your business. You can automatically import everything from one to another, automatically create invoices of a product, and Square transactions will appear on QuickBooks every time you make a difference.

Store in Cloud – QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks online is designed for multiple users using cloud facility that allows multiple users log in at the same time and logs everything with details. You don’t need to install it, neither you need to upgrade. One of the most used business insights by Intuit Inc., QuickBooks Online, are available on your mobile phone with more simplicity. If you want more reliable Cloud Hosting for QuickBooks , you can get in touch with us on our Phone number smb_accountants