Users may face a problem when they are unable to export any information to the Excel as QuickBooks software doesn’t allow for the same. We will learn about the reason why this problem occurs.

Reasons of the QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel

It happens sometimes that QuickBooks software doesn’t allow you to get the information exported to the excel. Reason why this problem occur is that software cannot recognize the excel installed in your computer. Issue also arises when QuickBooks is upgraded.


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If there is a unsuccessful upgrade then you won’t be able to export the Excel such as account receivable and transaction journal, or able to email report in excel document. Let’s discuss these issues in detail.

How to Import Excel Journal Entries into QuickBooks? [Solved]

1. Microsoft Excel’s Version is not Supported

In order to ensure that the option of export to excel appear in the QuickBooks, check twice that the Microsoft Excel version you are using is supported by your system. Starter Edition Click to Run Office and Microsoft Excel Trial are the versions that are not supported by the QuickBooks and as a result option of export to excel will be seen grayed on report screen.

Fuller versions only are supported, so ensure that excel you are using is valid and also compatible with the QuickBooks, before you start exporting the report in the. xlm format.

2. Installed Microsoft Excel is Damaged

QuickBooks is not able to export the report and the second possible reason for this issue is that installation of excel becomes corrupt or damaged. You can easily get the installation repaired, based upon the version you are using from the Windows directly.

Go to the icon of Excel and select troubleshoot compatibility. Wait for a while till the system complete scan and then see if any issue is detected by it. If you notice any problem, then get it fixed.

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3. Excel issues related to QuickBooks Exporting

Issues that you may face are listed below

  • MS Excel Software is damaged
  • There is a possibility that QuickBooks software you are using is damaged
  • File registry of yours isn’t properly working

How to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Export to Excel Problem

  • First of all, get customer centre opened
  • Then go to transaction pane and identify the transaction
  • Now go to that transaction and right click on it for which you are looking forward to see the transaction journal
  • Choose the transaction journal
  • Then go to excel button and then select to get the new worksheet created, so that you can get the report exported to the excel 

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List of Item that you should open first and then try opening the report

If you try opening the report while you are on the non-transaction form for example, on the chart of accounts item list, then the report will easily be exported to Excel.

  • To do that, firstly go to the list and after that get the Item List opened
  • Then open the report, it could be any report that you want to take from report menu
  • Now click on the drop down of excel or mail as an excel by tapping on the button of email to export the excel

Export Permission

1. Export for Bank Transaction

  • This will get exported in. iif or .csv file, which could be further exported to the QuickBooks
  • Bills Export: It will get exported to. iif or .csv file and after that it could be exported to QuickBooks
  • Calendar Export: It will get the calendar items of your own exported. If you are looking forward to getting your calendar exported in another application, then tap here
  • Exporting Contact Notes: It will ensure that all the contact notes list is exported to the contacts that are created in Clio.

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2. Import of QuickBooks Transaction

Large number of invoices are manually entered every month in QuickBooks. Spitting out from other database, this data can be spat simply into the CSV files.

Issues users face while exporting QuickBooks to Excel

  • You may have installed in your computer and while exporting the only option you are getting is of .csv and rest all other options are grayed out.
  • You tried twice to run the repair on Microsoft excel and also tried uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks, but it didn’t work.

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Need Professional Help?

In case you are facing the issue mentioned above or any other issue you can directly get in touch with the SMB QuickBooks technical support team via live chat. You can also dial our phone number to have a direct conversation with QuickBooks Help Desk.


Get Experts Advice to Fix Your All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems

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