Multi-user mode is introduced by QuickBooks but there are some issues that still persist and become the reason of roadblocks in the feature of QuickBooks multi-user mode. This ultimately led to the problem that says that QuickBooks multi-user mode is not working.
There are the chances that users are unable to set properly the multi-user mode, and this can become the possible cause of the problems and errors that can’t be troubleshoot easily. Network and connectivity issues are also caused because of this issue.

Causes behind the QuickBooks multi-user mode doesn’t work

Causes of the error are listed below:

  1. Increase the number of users, slows down the tasks of Company file
  2. Company file works properly in the morning and as the day pass it slows down
  3. Management error are occurring with just two or three people in a department
  4. You are getting signals that company data files are getting damaged by the network
  5. Opening the data is taking longer time
  6. Administration issues are faced by almost everyone.

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Fixing the error Multi-user Mode not working

Solutions listed below will help you to resolve the error:
Solution 1: Try reinstalling the QuickBooks

  1. First of all, get the Control Panel opened at your system
  2. Then tap on the Program and Features
  3. After that tap on QuickBooks and then select the option of Uninstall
  4. Open set-up from CD
  5. Then choose Multi-user Host Installation while the QuickBooks gets installed.

Solution 2: Make Changes in the Default Settings

  1. First of all, go to the Files
  2. Then tap on Utilities
  3. After that tap on the Host Multi-user Access
  4. Ensure that multiple users are added to company file
  5. A confirmation will be provided to you to disable it, in case access to multi-user is enabled already
  6. Tap on cancel if disable message pop-up
  7. At this stage create the control options for the user account and passwords in order to ensure that your data is protected from the internal threats
  8. After carefully completing the steps mentioned by us, you can easily start working on multi-user mode

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Solution 3: Try copying QuickBooks Desktop file on the desktop
In case the problem lies in the location of company file then by copying it on desktop and then opening it can help you out:

  1. Firstly, ensure that folder that contains the company file of QuickBooks is opened
  2. Then find QuickBooks file with .QBW extension
  3. After that right click on this file
  4. Tap on Copy and then Go to the desktop and after that right click on the same
  5. Tap on Paste
  6. Then press the control key and hold it
  7. Now open QuickBooks
  8. You will now be directed to the window of No Company Open
  9. Tap on Open and then make sure that existing file is restored
  10. Make a search on the desktop and then check the company file which was copied by you. Then open that particular file
  11. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then get in touch with our QuickBooks customer support team.

Solution 4: Run QB Install Tool/QuickBooks Component Repair Tool

  1. First of all, make sure that QB Install Tool/QuickBooks Component Repair Tool is downloaded and then install it
  2. Run this tool, in order to check as well as repair the damaged components, running in background.

Issues that users face

Say, you have upgraded your QuickBooks from QuickBooks Pro 2011 3-User to 2018. You were able to open the QB 2011 company file properly in the multi-user mode on the Windows 7 Workstations as well as Windows server 2012. But after the upgrade to QB 2018 the file is opening only in the single-user mode.
There might be other issues apart from this one. To get the appropriate solutions of the same, you can always get in touch with our SMB QuickBooks technical support team on Chat.

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