Recover Lost Data in QuickBooks, Why & When it Needs to be Done?

You are working on your QuickBooks and you see any error code starting c= and any number along with it there may be an issue with your software.

When you are backing up and it fails means data corruption if QuickBooks crashing data issue sometime -6000 is also data damage and then you have recover the data


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Process of Recover Data in QuickBooks?

There are few steps to recover the data in quickbooks, which are mentioned below;

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Step One

    Verify and rebuild data using rebuild tool.

  2. Step Two

    If the rebuild is not working then got to qbwin.log file and identify the problem for example

  3. Step Three

    Check the list of transaction that is damaged and fix it manually.

  4. Step Four

    Open each and every transaction one by one.

If All of The Above Steps Doesn’t Work, Please Follow The Mentioned Below Methods.

Alternate Methods to Recover Data in QuickBooks?

1. Method One: Manual Intervention

You will have to check each and every transaction manually and fix the missing link on QuickBooks.

2. Method Two: Data Recovery Team

Feel free to contact the data recovery team for Intuit and get the access to your lost data.

3. Method Three: Old data Backup

You should always take a backup of your data as it is very important as we all know we are dealing with software which may corrupt because of external or internal issues.

4. Method Four: Missing Transaction

If your Profit and loss is not matching you have to look for those missing transactions from your old files and add them manually to fix the issue.

Need Professional Help?

In case , QuickBooks Auto recovery option is disabled due to your subscription limit than call QuickBooks Help Desk Number to know how to activate this features .


Get Experts Advice to Fix Your All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems

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