How to recover quickbooks data from hard drive?

One of our users was facing a problem in figuring out “How to recover quickbooks data from hard drive”. He was a new user and wasn’t that tech savvy that’s why he gave us call and our quickbooks experts helped him recover his companies financial data safely into quickbooks.

The process we handed him over was a bit more detailed and we had a nice conversation. We also provided him with some really cool tips on how to run quickbooks more efficiently so that he saves more time.
As far as the query is concerned then here are some of the steps we walked him through:

The very first thing you need to do is plug in your hard drive (pen drive) in to the computer and copy the Quickbooks file.

1. If you have a backup file with an extension .QBB file then do the following:

Open Quickbooks and goto your File men. Now click on “Open or Restore an existing company file”, then> Restore a backup copy (this will convert your .QBB file to .QBW file. The file with an extension .QBW means that it is an actual quickbooks company file ready to use and can be worked on.

2. If the file is already a .QBW, then

Open your quickbooks software and go to File menu option> from “Open or Restore an existing company file”> select Open a company file, and now you are ready to use it.

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