Process of Repairing quickbooks file that won’t open

There are few certain steps you need to follow to repair quickbooks file that won’t Open, Which are mentioned below:

Total Time: 7 minutes

  1. Step One

    Make sure that the quickbooks you are using is well upto date with the newest version.

  2. Step Two

    Check if you can open the file straight from quickbooks: You can do this from File > Open or restore company.

  3. Third Step

    Make sure that other quickbooks apps are not running alongside with quickbooks. You can do this by holding down ALT tag and opening quickbooks.

  4. Step Four

    Try to open a sample company: Do this if your own company file don’t open. This way you will figure out that if there is a problem with quickbooks or the file itself.

    You can open a sample company clicking:

    💠 No Company Open window >> Opening sample file.
    💠 If it won’t open then click “Troubleshooting the Quickbooks Installation” section.

  5. Fifth Step

    Try moving the file to a new path: Do this if you think that quickbooks file path is an issue and is discouraging file to open.

  6. Seventh Step

    Check if the quickbooks company file properties are in order: Check if the file is not corrupted.

  7. Step Eight

    Try renaming your company file: If all the properties are well and good then try renaming the company file. Sometimes it is seen that only by renaming the file you are able to troubleshoot errors.

Need Professional Help?

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