The need to Reprint old W2 in QuickBooks can be caused by a missing or damaged type from the employee’s end. To Reprint an old W2 form, you need to behave in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service’s regulations. For many reasons, this post provides a detailed guide for users who need to get it done!

Sometimes users lose print of the W2 form and need to reprint the form as early as possible. This entire issue begins with when any employee of your company requests to reissue the form, you might reprint W2 in QuickBooks.

The reason behind the lost W2 form is generally due to corrupted or damaged form from the employee’s end. To print an earlier W2 form, you may have to go through to act in compliance with the internal revenue services rules and regulations. This blog helps you to figure out these issues and provide all necessary information

Have a look on IRS Guidelines You have to go through with below points to get  W2 from reprinted: 

Before beginning with this processing, ensure that you have updated the payroll tax table. In any case, you don’t have to upgrade the latest version first.  After getting a confirmation message of the update of the latest release, make sure about the below points. 

  • Attached copies of 2, B and C 
  • Must be sure about there is a “Reissued Statement” watermark on the W2 form
  • You should give a copy of W2 Form Filing Instructions 

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1. Troubleshooting One

To resolve this issue, go through with below instructions

A similar question asked by all users in a few different manners such as  “How to print W2s on preprinted form” or “how to print earlier W2 form in QuickBooks” and many more. The below steps assist you to figure out this issue, go with them

  • The first thing you have you have to open your QuickBooks and then open the “Payroll Tax Centre” 
  • Then, you have to choose the  current Employees section and  hit your next click on the “Payroll Center” 
  • After that, explore through File Forms tab and select View/Print form and W2 
  • The next thing is to do to enter the PIN for your payroll subscription to get the access of all payroll services and then enter on “OK” button
  • Then go to the W-2 page, where you find a list of the employee. In any case, if you are unable to find then hit your click on the “View/Print W-2” forms for all years. 
  • After that, go to the list and click on the “Employee’s name” and then open the W-2 form. In case, if it is unable to open, then click on the “CTRL + ALT” while clicking on the employee’s W-2. 
  • Now, you have to choose the “View Reprints” and wait for the confirmation message reissued statement watermark. The watermark gets included automatically while clicking on the W-2 structure to reprint it
  • After that, you are all set to open the paper utilizing the adobe reader and print them on the perforated paper

In QuickBooks, you have to reprint the W-2, you can use another great quality of paper in case you don’t have punctured paper. Before you finish, give all information W-2 such as filling the instruction form to all your employees. 

2. Troubleshooting Two: Another Way to Reprint the W2 in QuickBooks

  • First of all, go to the “Employee” and choose the “Payroll Tax Forms and W2s” from the drop-down menu
  • Hit your next click on the ‘Process Payroll’ and proceed forward with next click Saved filings from the filing history
  • Now, you have to go to the history and locate that form which you want to print and enter your click on that link under the saved PDF section
  • To finish the click on “Print icon” and you are all done with this process.
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  1. What are the guidelines that need to follow to get the W2 form reprinted in QuickBooks?

    Make sure that you have revised the payroll tax tables to the new release before continuing with the process.

    Once confirmed, check the points below:

    💠 On the W2 Form, there must be a “REISSUED STATEMENT” watermark.
    💠 Copies of 2, B, and C have to be attached.
    💠 You must have a copy of the W2 Form Filing Instructions.

  2. What are the alternative ways to reprint in QuickBooks?

    Go to the Employees section and then pick W-2s and Payroll Tax Forms. Next, Select Process Payroll Forms, and then press File History for Saved Filings. Locate the type that you want to print from history, and under the Saved PDF section, click on the tab. To finish the job, press the Print Button.

  3. May I use plain paper to reprint the W2 form?

    In order to reprint W2 forms, it is suggested that you use the IRS-approved Blank/Perforated paper.

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