Sage 100 Contractor Overview

Sage 100 Contractor offers small to mid-sized contractors, the simplest access to significant, uninterrupted business and project information. Using the software, the user is able to make enhanced decisions and can manage operations in a more effective manner, other than while using some unrecognized accounting software.

Sage 100  Key Features

There are end number of features of Sage 100, some of which are cited here below:
Sage 100 Contractor is used to run one’s business without any blind spots. Sage 100 Contractor Intelligence Reporting empowers a user to:

  • Using his/her knowledge of spreadsheet to view/ modify/ create reports so that he/she can extend his/her visibility all across the key areas.
  • The User, using the above software, can design customized reports which bring to light, the business environment. Once having created and saved the reports, the user can instantly access and use those reports at any point of time.
  • It enables the user to spend more time in ensuring the progress of the business and whether it is being profitable and moving forward in accordance with the schedule; or not.
  • The Sage 100, is further used to schedule these new reports to be circulated to the correct team member/s so he/ she/ they may access the information they require, anywhere and everywhere.

Project Work Center
Construction projects being complex, tracking project details becomes a pain. Using Project Command Center, the user can track the project details in one place and is capable to keep the business’ jobs on time and within budget.
Furthermore, the Project Work Center, enables its users to:

  • Supervise outstanding tasks which include invoicing, billings, RFIs, and transmittals.
  • Follow up important project details, for example; contracts, budgets, change orders and/or costs.
  • View important contact information with ease, which include the clients, emails, and phone numbers, that too, on one screen.

Management of Document
Sage 100 Contractor is used to reduce risk by providing greater control of the user’s documents and also to possess a control over a clean audit trail. Therefore, using this software the user can organize, store, and route all the versions of the drawings/blueprints, RFIs, invoices, contracts, to keep the business stirring.
Raising service-performance to a customer-first standard
Managing service operations can often be, very complex. The user needs to stay updated about the rapidly changing activities such as scheduling, billing, and inventory, while making the customers happy.
The User with the above mentioned software can maximize efficiency and excellence in terms of service; with every customer in the following ways:

  • Raise efficiency in scheduling, performing, and billing in terms of service and warranty work.
  • Improve service by hiring the right technician to the right job, and at the right time; on the state-of-the-art dispatch board.
  • Keep the inventory up dated as service-work is performed.
  • Reduction in the time-consuming data-entry through allowance of technicians to enter into work-order details in pertaining to the field.

Sage 100 Contractor Phone Number

Often certain problems pop up while you’re using the Sage 100 Contractor software, which hinders your work. There can be multiple reasons which cause such problems. Whether it is an installation error or an update issue or an upgrade related problem to conversion problems, and from customization issues to compatibility issues; which affect your work. In these cases, whom do you call? Call on us, we’re ever happy to help! We’re here 24* 7 to help you out, call us at 1 844 3134 857 or email us at

Sage 100 Contractor Toll Free Number

Got a doubt? Ask us, click on or call us on 1 844 3134 857. Our highly skilled in-house team will present you, with the best probable help and answer(s) to your doubt. Our support team assures you, first-call resolution to your problem, after we have identified the category of your problem. The tech-support team values your precious time, and we strive to resolve your queries within a short period of time.

Sage 100 Contractor Chat & Email support

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