Sage 100c 2018 Overview

Fall of 2017 is going to be intriguing year for all small and medium industries with the launch of new Sage 2018. As Sage is one of the most used accounting software which is available in desktop version with cloud access. It has recently released its various editions like Sage 50 2018, Sage 50c 2018, Sage 50 US Edition 2018, Sage 50 Canada Version 2018, Sage 100 2018 edition, Sage 300 2018, sage 300c 2018. These editions of Sage 2018 is available in United States and Canada.
This comprehensive solution is easy to use and gives you ample of time to focus on your business as it completely takes over all your financial and accounting needs. As it is a recent release, you are bound to have some doubts and queries. So, without any hesitation just try to contact Sage 50 Customer Support by calling on their toll-free number Chat now.
Sage 100c:
You generally get confused with “c” in “Sage 100c” that it represents cloud but actually it stands for connected, collaborative and customer focused. Sage 100c happens to be a modernized and subscription based version in Sage 100.  It basically gives you the freedom to stay with one of the trusted solutions along with it you will also have confidence on how to leverage it to new technology at your own pace without interrupting your business.

Features of Sage 100c 2018:

Sage has incorporated some new exceptional features in this new version of sage 100c 2018.

  • Bar Code Module:The Bar Code is renamed recently to Mobility for Bar Code. You can find a number of functions and additional new task which are included now to this barcode interface, making it quite simple to leverage Scanco’s Mobile app which is available for Apple iOS and Android. You can now easily process transactions like data entry, receipt of goods, inventory counts, and lot more from this hand held mobile device.
  • New Spell Check Feature: This new feature in Sage 100c 2018 allows you to spell check the documents. You can now easily check all sections of your documents along with some extra sections like comments, memos, and messages which are basically printed on forms. You can find the incorrect spellings  underlined or highlighted in document. In order to correct those words you  can right click on it and get the correct word from the drop down dialog menu or you can also add that word to your personal dictionary. If you are adding a multi-line user defined field to your screen, then also you can select whether to enable spell check or not.

This new latest version of Sage 100c 2018 has some jaw-dropping features which are easy to use. For more information just visit our website or you can also contact our Sage Customer Support on Chat now.
What is
There are occasions when you might face some technical errors such as installation, upgrading, etc. In those situations you look for some solutions recommended by Sage experts but in certain cases you are not satisfied with those outcome and try to get in touch with Sage Customer support. But what happens when you are unable to get in touch with them, you look for other options for assistance. One such alternative option is
To contact them, you just have to call on their 24*7 customer support toll-free number Chat now or chat with Sage experts on Sage 100 2018 Live Chat Support. You can also visit their website for more information.

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