Sage 50 2018 Canada Version Overview

Sage 50 is a book -keeping solution which designed for small and medium organization. It basically takes over all the accounting and financial needs of an organization so that you can focus more on making strategies for the growth of your organization.

Sage 50 is easy to use desktop based account software with cloud access which was upgraded in July 2017. Sage 50 2018 Canada Edition is one such product of Sage 2018 along with Sage 50 2018 US Edition as at present it is only available in US and Canada Edition.

You can subscribe or purchase Pro, Premium or Quantum edition of Sage 50, according to your business requirement.

How to Update Sage 50 2018 Canada Version?

Today’s technology-driven world is widely dominated by advanced software and breakthrough innovations, which are transforming the IT world far beyond operational improvements. We are empowered with detailed and intelligent algorithms driving competitive advantage for businesses while enabling them to take preemptive actions in time.

One such popular software is Sage 50 2018. It is a popular book-keeping solution, which is predominately designed for small-to-medium scaled organizations to seamlessly manage and track their financial/ accounting needs.

This end-to-end solution has enabled clients to rightly focus on creating their growth strategies by effectively taking of their business needs. From tracking expenses, processing employee salary and sending billing invoices to managing inventory, controlling cash flows and preparing taxes – Sage is go-to software for all your accounting needs at one place. This business cloud computing solution is ideal for an organization looking to scale-up its business operations securely while having a freedom to not invest in additional manpower and other overhead costs.

Being user-friendly desktop-based accounting software which is easily accessed through the cloud, it comes with built-in instructions to ensure all financial and other important information are accurately done as well as can be retrieved from anytime and anywhere. One of the popular products of Sage 50 is the Sage 50 2018 Canada Edition.

The product recently was upgraded to a newer version to meet the changing needs of the businesses and match their requirements with a tailored solution. Since this is a subscription-based software it offers hand-picked accounting solutions to hassle out guesswork along with integrating your business with customers, employees and business partners.

Why Sage 50 Introduced New Edition of Canada Version?

This edition encompasses a range of add-ons and exciting features that are also presented in the multi-user access mode. The edition enables users to receive notification for updates and subsequently install these updates on the system, without any trouble or conflict.

However, before updating this software on your desktop or computer, a user must create a backup option for all their business-critical data and information. Inability to do so may leave users at spot-on risks of losing this important information which, in turn, may affect their sales and revenues.

How to Update the Latest Edition of Sage 50 2018 Canada Software?

For organizations to update their existing software to Sage 50 2018 version, they can either leverage the services of a third-party service vendor with a team of experienced Sage experts or they can alternatively refer to below steps to update to the latest edition by themselves.

Here’s how this can be done:

1. Automatic Update:

This is a highly recommended method for users who would like to move to the latest Sage 50 Canada version by installing the software in their system. This can be done automatically as the software will automatically notify the user on their system via a dialog box by means of options to download it.

The message received in the dialogue box will be “Download Now” or “Do not Download Now”. Depending upon your needs, you may choose one of the options and get the latest edition on your system.

2. Manual Update:

The option is manually downloading the sage 50 2018 Canada update from the internet.

For this, a user may follow below step:

  • Next, you need to select the desired location to save this software update (usually the updates are saved either on a desktop or in C drive of your computer).
  • Once your file is downloaded, it is advised to save and close the latest software edition.
  • As the last step, you need to double-click the installer file and run the installed software on your system.
  • Once processed, the software will prompt you to restart the system.

3. CD Update:

Another option to update Sage 50 Canada 2018 version is directly installing it from a CD drive.

You may follow below mentioned steps to install:

  • Uninstall Sage 50 software from your computer drive (close all programs if they are running on your system).
  • Next, insert CD in your computer/laptop CD drive to proceed with the installation of product update
  • Click on the auto play option appearing on your desktop screen -> choose Computer Vista, or Computer XP, Windows 8, whichever is applicable
  • Click on the CD/DVD drive option and subsequently select the .exefile
  • Check on the latest Sage 50 version and update your system with the latest edition
  • Follow instructions (as above for Manual Update) to install sage 50 2018 Canada update.

Sage 50 2018 Canada Edition:

This edition of Sage 50 2018 was released in Canada in July 2017. This new version of Sage comes with many exciting features and add-on which is also available in multi-user mode. It you receive the notification for updates then install the updates on each and every computer that has Sage 50 installed on it. But before updating your software, you need to create a backup of your data.

You can update your Sage 50 Canada Edition to 2018 version by following methods:

1. Automatic Update via Sage 50 (recommended):

If you already have Sage 50 software installed in your system, then your software will automatically notify you for an update which is available and you will receive a dialog box with options of Download Now and Don’t Download Now. You will have to click on Download Now option to download it.

2. Manually Downloading Update from Internet:

  • You will have to visit the Sage website of Canada Edition and look for ‘Product Updates for Previous Version’, as you will find your update link under that topic.
  • After locating your desired Sage version update, download it in your system. You can select “Desktop” as your desired location and click on “Save in” As your file is downloaded, close your sage 50 software (if it is open).
  • Now double click on the installer file from your desktop as you have downloaded it there.
  • Now all the updates will be installed to your system. After this process, restart your system.

3. Installing the update from CD: 

To install all the steps from CD, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Close your Sage 50 software.
  • Insert product update CD into your CD drive of your computer system.
  • If the auto-play option does not appear on your computer screen then  go to This PC (Windows 8/8.1/10) or My Computer(XP) or Computer(Vista/7) on your computer system.
  • Double-click the DVD or CD-drive option and then select exe file.
  • It will ask which version of Sage 50 you want to update. So, select the version you are using for updating it in your system.
  • Follow the instructions to install the update for your Sage 50.
Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMBAccountants Team, Which is available 24/7.

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