Sage has released it latest version of Sage 2018 in the fall on 2017. This new latest version of Sage is designed with so many exceptional features and new look which not only improves your work but also quite pleasant in looking. It is developed with a new interface which enables multi-user functioning. Sage 50 2018 is available in desktop version with cloud access.

You can purchase or subscribe different versions of Sage according to their need. It is also available in Sage 50 2018 US Edition.

Though it reduces your extra work load by taking over all your financial and accounting issues thus providing you ample of time to focus your attention towards making strategies for your business. It is user-friendly solution but under certain conditions you can come across some technical issues.

These issues may look small, if not resolved soon can act as an obstacle in your work. One such common issue is of your Sage 50 software running slow.

Causes of Sage 50 2018 Running Slow

If your Sage Software is running slow then it is a type of technical issue. There can various reasons which may be responsible for such issue. The basic factor responsible for the slow functioning of slow functioning of your Sage 50 2018 are:

  • Issues with permission settings regarding network which may be preventing Sage 50 from running with full potential.
  • Slow network issues.
  • Large data size which disturbs the optimal system performance.

How to Solve Sage 50 2018 Running Slow Problem

Here are a few methods by which you can easily resolve this technical issue of Sage 50 software.

1. Solution One: Check for Windows Updates

  • Firstly, check whether you have received any windows updates notifications.
  • If you have then update it.
  • Go to Control Panel > Windows Updates for any updates related to your Windows Operating System.

2. Solution Two: Windows Firewall

  • Your Windows operating system generally has an in-built firewall.
  • These firewall act as an barrier to all the files it thinks as malicious files. So, temporarily disable your firewall for time being and run your software.

3. Solution Three: Try to Run your system as an Administrator

  • Go to Sage 50 program and click on “Run as Administrator” each time you run Sage 50 software.
  • Or, Go to properties > advance and click on Set this as default.

The solution mentioned is recommended by Sage Experts who have years of experience in resolving such technical issues. The issue which you are facing is a type of run-time error. It is a common error which is occurred due to the third party interference i.e. some other software is responsible for this error in Sage. In such situation avoid using your software as you create more damage.

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