The All New Sage 50 2018 Upgraded Version

Sage has been contributing and providing services to its users for many years. It has always been updating and inculcating new tools and features to give the maximum services related to accounting, bookkeeping and transactions records. Generating invoices, keeping and managing records, analyzing data trends for forecasting and new payment modes are all now parts of Sage 50 2018 upgrade.

Here are some key tools and features that Sage 50 2018 upgrade comprises. If you want to know the System Requirements then go to Sage 50 2018 System Requirements.

Sage 50 2018 Upgraded Features

1. Now, Backup in Cloud with premium edition of Microsoft Office 365

If the user is using Office 365 with its premium edition, Sage 50 2018 enables the user to easily back up data and information. It also provides various security tools and features that enables specific control over Microsoft Office 365 to get it used with integrated version of Sage 50 2018.

2. Remote access with Sage drive

Now, the user can manage and port the data or information within many persons very easily, with accountant and with all authorized person (s). Sage, in its previous versions, provided single-user platform Sage 50 2018 upgrade gives a key tool of multi-user mode.

3. Sage capture

Now, the user can take pictures and enter credentials from all in Sage 50. User can enter all the credentials through android phones, iPhones and iPads.All the user’s data and information will automatically get uploaded onto For that, the user needs Microsoft Office 365 premium edition.

4. Monochromatic Design & Easy Navigation

Monochromatic Design with White Spaces are providing an elegant look around the software. Arrows on both sides give an easy navigational access look to toolbar which has temporary buttons. The outlook of the menu is enhanced with this feature.

5. Online Payment and Mobile Invoicing

The “Pay Now”in the software makes it a choice to the users. Sage 50 2018 upgrade offers various modes of payments like internet banking, debit card and credit card. It provides users access of creating and e-mailing invoice and the user can download unpaid bills and invoices.

6. Sage intelligence and reporting

It provides the user a complete insight knowledge and understanding of Sage 50 2018 upgrade. Now, the user can easily manage financial records and data to any of the devices and publish it to cloud also.

7. AP automation by Beanworks

It offers cloud-based accounting automation solutions. It also facilities to companies to get their tax-tables, invoices, and receipts.

8. User Interface Modernization

The sage never had User Interface in any of its previous versions. Now is the time, Sage 50 2018 Upgrade adopted the User Interface Modernization. New navigation features for easy access.

9. Read only mode

Now, the user r shared company file can be restricted to various modes. The user can keep it on edited mode where the user can enable data editing or can keep it to read-only mode so that no one can edit the information or data the user has provided.

10. Web based E-mail support

Now, the data are easily accessible to web-based E-mailing services when the user email receipts and invoices like transactions forms.

Need Professional Help?

Here we are to provide you information on all your queries. If you want to upgrade to Sage 50 2018 US Edition then you can visit our website or you can contact us through Live Chat Support and our sage technical support phone number on Chat now. You can send us e-mail us with your message and our team will revert you with the information.

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