What is Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting & It’s Benefits?

It is a reporting solution completely inclined to the Microsoft Excel. It basically works once you align both the software in terms of linking. Once you link both the software, you can get automatically updated customized business reports all with real-time data. It has an advantage that you don’t have to manually import data and format excel sheet again and again.

It automatically gets updated without any problem. However, you may face some issue while the data gets automatically updated. The issues can be due to wrong credentials in the file which are accepted by Excel sheet.

Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting Includes Certain Reports

Sage 50 Business Intelligence is handy with certain standard reports as well that any user can go through at any point of time.

  • Dashboard of the Company
  • Inventory Analysis
  • List of Customers (it basically includes top 10)
  • Purchase Analysis
  • Financial Reports
  • Comparative Financial Reports on: –
    • Income Statement (Actual vs. Budget)
    • Income Statement (Actual vs. Prior)
    • Income Statement (Prior year vs. YTD vs. Current Period).
    • Balance Sheet (Actual vs. Prior)
  • Balance Sheet
    • Monthly Balance Sheet
    • Quarterly Balance Sheet
    • Year-To-Date Reporting

Key Benefits of Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting

  • It reduces the efforts of manually cutting/copying –> Pasting, consolidating or exporting all Sage 50 data to Microsoft Excel Sheet.
  • Now, you can save time as the automatic update feature automatically customize data and the data in the excel sheet displays in the same way as we want.
  • You can easily create all the reports based on excel. You can even“tailor-made” those reports right according to your need.

Need Professional Help?

Sage 50 Business Intelligence reporting might be very tricky if you have no knowledge about this or any error occurred into your software, our Sage 50 Technical Support Team can provide you all necessary information or resolution of error on Intelligence reporting. We are also capable of providing information and solution methods on Sage and all errors that your software might face. You can get in touch with us via various modes of connectivity and our Expert Advisors will help you with all necessary details. Our Website also has all the information that are made available by our Experts. Live Chat feature is also available on our Website. You can contact us on our Sage 50 Technical Support Number on Chat now.

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