The Sage 50 is useful accounting software that is made for daily organizational tasks such as managing finances, accounting management, invoices and inventory etc.  It is mainly created for small and mid-size organizations as well as for growing new startups.

It is amazing and well-known accounting software as it is easy to use and is user-friendly as it helps the user in tracking the sales, federal and provisional taxes efficiently. You do not need any technical training for using this software.

What is Sage 50 Decline Error Code 14 & How to Fix It?

While we are working on Sage 50, there are many chances that “Sage 50 Decline error code 14” will appear on the system. The user faces this error when he/she enters incorrect card number while making the payment.

Therefore, the payment is declined by the bank account. This declined error code also reflects Decline codes and bank error codes under the category of the transaction, Other sage decline errors which occurs are Sage Decline code 000006 Error 0008 and Sage 50 Decline Code Error 000062.

Causes of Sage 50 decline error code 14

  • Mostly this error occurs when the user is trying to make the payment or enters incorrect card number.
  • It at times, happens due to incorrect entry of the debit or credit card number.
  • In such a case, the user’s card is blocked and is unable to perform the payment.

Resolution of The Sage 50 Decline Error Code 14

1. Solution One: Provide Correct & Accurate Card Details

One of the best alternatives to fix the error is to provide correct and accurate card details at the time of making the payment.

2. Solution Two: Take Care of The Card While Making The Payment

  • At times, the user makes use of virtual terminal to make a transaction by swiping her/his card.
  • It may be incorrect, damaged or card reader is not clean.
  • The customer should be careful to take care of the card while making the payment.

3. Solution Three: Use Correct Device or Card Reader Enabled

The user should use correct device or card reader enabled to make payments. If they want to enable their swiping device.

They can follow below steps:

  • Go to the SE icon in the system – located on the right side bottom.
  • Go to the setting option, then correct device option and enable it.
  • The user needs to click on OK.
  • Again, click on SE icon and select restart application.
  • Re-try the transaction.

The Sage 50 decline error code 14 fixes mentioned above are applicable for different cases while making transactions through Sage.

Need Professional Help?

The error alternatives are recommended by Sage certified experts to resolve Sage Serial Data Error. If you want to make any enquiry or you are not satisfied with the solution and need further assistance from Sage technical support, then contact Sage support phone number. They are third-party consultancy who provides Sage assistance worldwide. To contact them, call on their customer support toll-free number Chat now. You can get in touch with them at any point in time as they provide 24*7 customer assistance.

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