Sage 50 Multi-User Mode

Sage Multi-Users under multi-user mode are now enabled to access the company data simultaneously. If you have Sage 50 Accounting software up and running in your computer, it depends on the sage products that you have been using that how many users can be linked together via sage to access company file.

If you have sage with Single-User mode, you need to the multi-user mode to take the advantages of all the tools and features of multi-user mode. While upgrading your software or using multi-user mode, you may face various errors like Sage unfixable errors or Sage login error due to connection interruption or due to firewall/antivirus blockade.

Setting up Multiple Users

When you install Sage 50 Accounting Software, you need to create an administrator account with the name “Sysadmin.” This administrator account has all accounting rights for all the company records and will be able to remove, create, modify or to make any wishful changes.

Once you start working on Multi-User Mode, you need to keep in mind two things:

  • Create a user for company.
  • Turn on automatically refresh feature.

Working in Multi-user Mode

Once you start entering transaction in multi-user mode, it is also possible that you make changes in inventory level and transaction numbers can be added for users. In such situations, Sage 50 Accounting software lets you what changes have been occurred.

Your transaction frequency or productivity performance might also go down if multiple users are performing similar tasks at the same time. The frequency can be increased and messaging can be reduced if settings are shifted to Automatically move to next available transaction number. It can further be reduced to messaging on a per-user basis by turning off notification when transaction number changes.

There are some options and menus that are not available in multi-user mode, even if you log-in with administrator account as sysadmin. If you want to perform the actions that are not available in multi-user mode, you need to switch your company to single user mode.

Once you shift your company to single user mode, all your data will be protected as no other user will be able to use your company data as other will be locked out from the data access.

To Know more about Multi-User Mode

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