What is offered by Sage 50 (Peachtree) Premium 2019?

1. Accounting Tools

It is very easy to use Sage 50 Premium Accounting as it also comes with module level security as well as automatic accounting checks, which adds integrity and confidence to every information. Also, it could be installed on systems that can be controlled by you locally.

  • Freedom to Invoice your Customers either by Email or Mail
  • Helps in monitoring the cash flow in order to meet the upcoming and current payments
  • You can easily manage the inventory through various methods
  • Job expenses and revenue can be controlled at the cost code and phase level
  • It offers module level options and security for you

2. Powerful Management of Inventory

Deals could be closed quickly if you are using Sage 50 Premium 2018. In case your business involves inventory management too, then you can surely opt for Sage Premium Accounting.

  • You can track the inventory on the attributes that are user defined such as style, size or colour
  • Different price levels could be set and you can also offer the quantity discounts
  • Inventory could be replenished automatically at the levels that are user-defined
  • Inventory could also be streamlined by you in order to have a track of warranty claims as well as recalls

3. Business Intelligence of Sage 50

You will be able to fetch all the important information which is of great help to plan ahead and to stay in control. With Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting, you will be able to create the customized reports through tools which you are using already such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Access to built-in templates of financial, purchasing, sales and inventory reporting.
  • Availability of consolidated information from various Sage 50 companies and other databases
  • Reports that you will get will be up-to-date and have the latest data. These reports do not require manipulation or export

Sage 50 Premium Accounting software offers powerful tools that are not just productive but efficient too.

  • Accounting tools ensure that you can easily create the invoice customers, control the expenses and revenue, keep a track of cash flow, manage inventory and much more
  • It provides better insight that will help in strategic planning. Real data is used by Sage 50 Business Intelligence Reporting from Sage software, Excel and Microsoft, so that you may have better insights of your company.
  • Be assured that Sage 50 Premium Accounting software you are using is supported and current.

Why to go for Sage 50 Premium Accounting?

By choosing Sage 50 Premium Accounting, you will not only save your money and time; and will be able to achieve the best.

  • It will help you to know that where your business is heading through customized view of the important business metrics. For example, quarterly revenue, account balances, outstanding receivables along with all the things that are vital for you.
  • You can save money and earn more profit, it will also help in increasing the customer satisfaction through tools which will help you to have better control over job costs, invoicing, inventory and estimates
  • Helps in making timely and better decisions through the customizable reports that are available in Sage 50 data, a real time one and in Sage 50 Intelligence Reporting

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