Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll 2018 Overview

Sage 50 Pro Accounting is most recommending Accounting solution for small and medium industry. It not only save a lot of time but also very easy to use.

Sage 50 2018 is available in desktop version with cloud access. You can now easily work without getting tangled in the mess of spreadsheets. Sage 50 Pro Accounting is available with Payroll. This new version of Sage 50 2018 is available in Pro as well as Premium version which you can purchase according to your need.

What’s New in Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll 2018

Sage 50 2018 is the recent release by Sage Group in the Fall of 2017. It is available in US, Canada and UK in all of its editions. One such edition available to small and medium industry is Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll. It is a basic accounting solution which generally comes for one company and one user only. It has both monthly plan and year plan for its customers.

With Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll 2018, you can easily pay your employees with ease that too for less than $1.27 a paycheck. Sage has some exclusive payroll plans which includes comprehensive as well as in-time payroll processing with Sage 50 which saves a lot of time and reduces the risk of payroll tax penalties at end of the year.

1. Easy Process of Payroll Anytime and Anywhere

  • You can now easily prepare payroll checks or order a Direct Deposit.
  • You have many payment options such as paying employee salary once or paying them at hourly basis.
  • You can easily calculate withholdings through payroll advances.
  • Creating new customized taxable and non-taxable benefits.

2. Management of Tax Efficiently:

  • You can always be up-to-date with the latest federal and provincial payroll tax updates.
  • Reduce the risk of payroll tax penalties.
  • Preparation of government T4, ROE, and RL-1 forms with quite an ease for printing or online filing.

With such benefits of Sage 50 Pro Accounting with Payroll 2018, what are you waiting for. Upgrade your previous versions and boost your work flow.

How to Install Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2018 Canada Edition

Sage 50 pro Accounting software is an optimal solution for organizations envisaging for ultimate ease, smooth functionality, and economical pricing.

The solution is underpinned with a gamut of features that makes tracking sales, expenses, including provincial taxes a swiftest undertaking.  It enables a business to handle inventory and control cash flow without incurring hefty upfront investment.

Sage 50 Pro Accounting is considered as a befitting framework for businesses that have single location, single user, and company. Not to mention, this Accounting software eruditely works in compliance with different government and Accounting protocols. Basically, Sage 50 is available in two editions – Sage 50 pro Accounting 2018 Canada edition and Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2018 US edition.

In addition to this, powered by cloud, the software enables businesses to manage their financial activities in a secure environment from the flexibility of their place. In line with this, Sage pro Accounting 2018 is available in two different editions – Sage 50 pro Accounting 2018 Canada and Sage 50 Pro Accounting 2018 US edition. Users can opt for any of the edition depending on their business need.

Sage have around 300 products in its line and having so many products means to have a good support line. You can always visit their website for sage 50 Canada support and training videos which they keep on updating from time to time to understand the overall product view.

Some of the sought-after Sage products are Sage Business Cloud Accounting Software, Sage 50 Accounting Canadian Edition, Sage 100 Contractor, Sage 300, Sage Impact, Sage Construction Anywhere, Sage Business Vision, Sage Business Works, Sage CRM, Sage Estimating, Sage Fixed Assets, Sage HRMS, Payments, Sage View, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management.

This article attempts to highlight the steps to register, and configure Sage 50 pro Accounting 2018 US and Canadian edition:

Sage 50 pro Accounting 2018 encompasses entire product updates of preceding releases, including the newest Tax Table Updation for the January 2018. The software is compatible with Internet Explorer version 9.0, 10.0, including 11.0 and above.

Note: For those who have taken Sage 50 Pro Canadian version from a retail store, you are required to register it in order to receive an Account ID and Activation Key.

1. To Register, Follow The Following Steps

  • Open the Sage Customer Portal
  • Choose Sign Up to create a Portal Account
  • Enter all the details
  • Sign in to the same account and from there select Product Registration
  • Now, you need to choose Sage 50 Pro Canadian Edition
  • Mention the name of your company followed by the serial number (CD Case)
  • Validate the details and thereafter click to Submit

If you are encountering issues to sign in or creating an account on the portal, there is the possibility that you may be blocked with a prior registration.

Going forward, once you have registered the product, you are all set to install it on your system:

But before that just have the below information ready with you to get the application installed on your system:

  • You should have your Account ID
  • You should have the serial number
  • You should have the Activation Key
  • If you are Sage 50 Business Care plan member, you also need to have payroll updates. Finding payroll updates is not a big task. You can easily locate it on customer portal (retail in-store purchase), or you can check your email (online/call)

2. For Single 50 for One Computer Setup

  • Users having Accounting installation DVD/CD: Insert it to the DVD/CD drive
  • Those who have already downloaded the application, double-click on the installer file
  • Those with Sage older edition, Sage 50 will get automatically download all the updates on your computer unit. You just need the file for the server by opening up the download folder
  • A pop-up may show up asking whether you want to enable the Sage 50 application to make changes to your system. Choose Yes to proceed
  • The moment you click to YES, the Install shield wizard will come into action
  • Now, choose Next to proceed
  • Choose Install Sage 50 to commence the application installation process
  • Choose the language. Once selected, click OK to proceed
Important: If a screen pop-ups asking you if you wish to continue to install the application, you are required to select YES. Moreover, if it’s a Windows Firewall enabled computer, you will come across a message note asking if you wish to automatically configure Windows Firewall with Sage 50 application. Here, you are required to choose YES to get your firewall configured.

3. Now, You Are Required to Opt for The Installation Type:

  • If installing Sage application on your server computer and you won’t be making use of Sage 50 on the same computer, choose Advanced and thereafter select Server only to get the connection manager installed
  • Well, if you are looking forward to make  use of Sage 50 application on the same systems, select Typical to step ahead

Adding more to it, if prior edition of Sage 50 software is already configured on yours computer then you are eligible for the updated version of the Sage software:

  • The installation process will automatically detect the activation codes, provided your computer is Internet-ready
  • Now, choose Next to proceed if you wish to take up the further process automatically. If not, select No thanks to take the process manually and thereafter mention your serial number
  • Read the instruction and choose I agree if you are fine with the terms and conditions of the license agreement to process with the installation process
  • InstallShield wizard will commence the process and you will get a confirmation window after the installation process gets accomplished
  • Here you go, Choose Finish and re-open your Sage 50 application

4. For Multi User network setups:

It is imperative to ascertain that workstations and servers are making use of the similar Connection Manager versions. You need to validate connection managers on all devices with KB 73869 in related resources. All the updates pertaining to the Connection Manager are available in the update download files.

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMBAccountants Team, Which is available 24/7.

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