The Sage 50 Pro is one of the most prominent and proficient accounting solution for small and medium size business. Formally, it was known as Peachtree accounting software. It was launched by Sage Group. It is available in desktop version with anywhere-anytime cloud access. There are three editions namely, Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Quantum, Sage 50 Pro and Sage 50 Premium.

The Sage 50 Pro is mainly a single user edition and the user can either subscribe its yearly and monthly plan according to their convenience. It is fabulous business management accounting solution assists in managing all their business and financial transactions. For further assistance the customer can call us on a Sage technical support number. It has features such as business analytics, payroll, inventory management and customizable reports.

Why Choose Sage 50 Pro Accounting?

  • Manage Employees
  • Budgets and Control Cash Flow
  • Works with Microsoft Word and Excel

1. Support for Their Business Success

Choose Sage 50 Pro Accounting, if their developing business has more sales, people and transactions to manage. With customizable dashboard, payroll, email reminders and incorporation with Excel, Microsoft Word, Sage 50 Pro Accounting will assist them to stay on track.

2. Save time with Effectively Accounting Bookkeeping Essentials

  • Track receipts, pay bills, and invoice customers.
  • Export to Excel and run reports for further analysis.
  • For quick insights into their business status to use at a glance dashboard.

3. Organize Their Business

  • Word and Microsoft Excel integration for key tasks
  • The user can set alerts what is necessary attention.
  • To gain further insights to use customized reports.

4. Cash Flow Management

  • Forecast and analyze their expected receipts and payments.
  • Confirm that they have enough cash to meet upcoming and current obligations.
  • Export forecast to Microsoft Excel1.

5. Payroll their Way

  • Outsource to Sage and run payroll.
  • The user can easily pay employees.
  • File tax forms and prepare.
  • Direct Print deposit paychecks.

6. Take Control of their Numbers

  • The user can control access by individual module.
  • The user can check common accounting errors.
  • Get 100 MB free for a year and create a backup for their data security online.

Sage 50 Pro is an easy to use tool to assist their expanding business requirements. Double entry, based on real, it includes all features such as business analytics, inventory management, customizable reports and payroll.

Sage 50 Pro Features Infographics

Sage 50 Pro Features Infographics

1. Managing sale & customers:

The user can easily make a user records as well as it can maintain a track record of receipts and payments.

2. Managing Purchases & Vendors:

The user can now make vendor records, prints checks and it can track of all the purchase invoices.

3. Payroll & Employees:

The user can easily pay their users effectively and on time.

4. Flexibility:

The user can increase their effectively and productivity. It has also have an option to synchronize their Sage 50 Pro.

5. Reporting and Inventory:

The user can easily monitor their cash flow and analyze their business record and performance.

6. Easy to set-up:

The user can easily work with Sage 50 Pro with quick setting software.

7. Easy to Access:

It provides easy access and very simple to use.

8. Safe and secure:

It offer safe and secure to their data, so all the details regarding their business details and transactions are password protected and safe.

9. Effective and Efficient:

Sage 50 Pro will handle their entire work flow effectively and efficiently.

10. Support:

It will also give guiding principle on how to utilize their software.

11. Inventory:

It has strong inventory features with creativity.

12. Job Costing:

It is easy to set jobs, expenses and assign income.

Need Professional Help?

The user can contact us for any further assistance on Sage 50 Pro Accounting Technical Support Number. The user can call us on our toll free number Chat now for any help. For this help we are available for you 24*7. We hire many experts to resolve all your queries and issues. Our team gives assurance to you for an instant help. As a part of calling support the user can contact us on Chat support and Email support. We have a chat window on our website, where you can chat with for your any issues. We always try to give a satisfied resolution to you and focused toward our customer. Our agenda is that we need to give more value to our customers through our Sage technical support. If you want to buy sage 50 pro accounting 2018 then call the sage experts on the toll free number Chat now.

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