Sage 50 Quantum 2018 Overview

Sage has recently released its latest Sage 50 Quantum 2018. It is an industry specific solution which provides assistance in construction, distribution, manufacturing and non-profit. It is highly recommended accounting software for small and medium business. Sage group has released version of Sage along with Sage 100 Payroll 2018 as well as Sage 50 2018 US Edition.

Sage 50 Quantum 2018 Features

1. Financial Management:

You can provide accuracy and security to your business. Sage 50 Quantum 2018 can easily be synchronized with generally Accepted Accounting Principles  (GAAP).

2. Customer Management:

Your database is now organized and synchronized with customer-related business process. It will also help you in handling marketing price as well provide special customer service.

3. Inventory Management:

It will keep a track of all your orders and maintain its regularity.

4. Vendor Management:

With this exceptional feature you can easily take a glance off all the supplier information which contains purchase orders and payment by just clicking a button.

5. Payroll Management:

Managing Payroll was never so simple but Sage 50 Quantum 2018 made it so smooth and transparent. It provides a number of services like print-n-tax forms, e-filing, direct deposit and complete outsource payroll service.

6. Business Intelligence Reporting:

You can attain and keep-up your financial services with Cash Flow Manager and Collection Manager. You can now create customized reports as it is integrated with Microsoft Office.

7. Specific features for your industry (Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction and Non-Profit):

Sage 50 Quantum 2018 is constructed in such a way that it helps you in specialized industries to manage their operations in a better way. It provides exclusive functionality and reporting needs without excluding the effectiveness and compliance of robust accounting software.

8. Multi-User Management Security:

You can now add up to 40 users (maximum). Now you can easily manage admin center and these permissions automatically apply to cloud also. You can also grant access which is based on what screens are to be used.

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