Sage 50 serial number and activation key

Your accounting and related process becomes easy once you start using the right software according to your business requirement. Sage 50 comes with all the in-built & customized features and becomes easy for the user to take work from it. Complete access on the software makes it easy for user to access the data and information anytime.

To use all the features of Sage 50 2018, you need to log-in to your software with correct serial number and activation key. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow. At first, you need to obtain the serial number & activation key and then you need to follow the steps to enter the credentials. User can choose between Sage 50 2017 serial number and Sage 50 2018 serial number which is used my most of the user.

There are two methods, following which, you may get the Sage 50 serial number

1. Method One:

  • Go to Customer Portal of Sage.
  • Now, log-in to your Sage Account after entering all the credentials.
  • Open My Accounts
  • Now, note down all the required details from your account.
  • Then, select Home > Go to My Account > open Products & Services
  • Now, select respective Serial Number.
  • Now, note down the Serial Number and the activation key flashing on your screen.

2. Method Two:

If you own CD of Sage 50, you can retrieve Serial Number & Activation Key from the back of the CD cover. To retrieve the serial number, you need to go to Sage 50 Portal and enter the serial number that you have obtained from back of CD cover.

Steps to Enter Serial Number of Sage 50 Accounting Software

You need to perform this action or steps on admin PC or Workstation. Admin PC or Workstation is a master computer for Sage 50 and hosts all the data.

  • Go to your Admin PC or Workstation and click on the Help.
  • Now, Select Sage 50 activation
  • Now, view and select the Sage 50 version that you are using.
  • Click on Ok
  • Now, fill the Serial Number that you have retrieved from any of the above two methods (your Sage 50 will restart)
  • Then, go to Help and select About Sage 50 Accounting
  • Now, enter the new Serial Number and confirm if it is correct. If correct, click on OK
  • Now, you need to follow these steps for all PCs and Workstations.

How to Enter Full key

  • Open Sage 50, go to Tools and select Upgrade Program
  • Now, enter account information, serial number & activation key
  • Click on

Sage 50 2013 serial number and activation key

Inactivate vendors’ record, inventory analysis on business intelligence and mobile payment integration are some of the features of Sage 50 2013 which gives you a closer look into your sage 50. Sage provides a trial version for limited time period. Once the trial version expires, it will ask for Sage 50 2013 serial number and activation key, which you will get once you purchase the software.

Sage 50 2016 serial number and activation key

Convenient Signup, credit card refund process and easy conversions of sales orders are some of the highlights of sage 50 2016. Your sage would require a data conversion process when you open the company for the first time. Whenever you face any issue and your sage stops working. Downloading it once again, to work once again, you need to enter Sage 50 2016 serial number and activation key.

Sage 50 2017 serial number and activation key

There may be various errors with Sage 50 2017 that lead to various situations where you need to log-out and delete your software and restart your system. Once you restart your system, you need to download the software and start reinstallation. Once the installation is finished. It will ask for Sage 50 2017 serial number and activation key.

Sage 50 2018 serial number and activation key

To make use of features and tools, you have to log-in to your software using Sage 50 2018 serial number and activation key. You can retrieve all the credentials either by using details either online or you can get them from the back of CD Cover and then enter credentials to log in to your account.

Need Professional Help?

Sage 50 provides you all the assistance and information when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping and that’s exactly what we do when it comes to providing services and information related to Sage 50 or respective errors.

Our assistance channel includes our website where you can find all the latest and updated information, Sage 50 Live Chat support feature is also there on our website that you can avail yourself of.

You can also get our assistance from our Toll-Free Number and our Sage technical support team will answer your call with respective information and solution. Our E-mail service is also there for our customers, you can get all the information via email. Just send us an e-mail with the query and get the solution.

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