Convert the files of SAGE 50 to the QuickBooks

The SAGE 50 and the QuickBooks both are the accounting software. Some people who are using the SAGE 50 want to use the QuickBooks and they want all their business data from SAGE 50 to the QuickBooks. if you also want to migrate your data file, you can’t use the SAGE 50 file to the QuickBooks.

You have to convert the data file to use on the QuickBooks.
You can easily use the business data file in your new accounting software after the Quickbooks conversion process. You can also check Sage 50 Tech Support Phone Number for any issue related to this issue .

SAGE 50 to Intuit QB Conversion Process

If you also want to migrate to QuickBooks, you can convert the files using online conversion tool. The online conversion is possible only if you choose the correct version of QuickBooks according to your version of the SAGE 50. You can check online that which version will match for the conversion.

Once you have the best matching version of the QuickBooks, you can start the conversion process

There is an entire process to follow, which are mentioned below:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step One

    To start the conversion, you first have to save the backup of the data file in the SAGE 50 so that you can use it in case of any error or failure.

  2. Step Two

    You have to rename the files to convert because the files of same name or ID will not be converted.

  3. Step Three

    Then you will run the online conversion tool and will locate the desired file of SAGE 50 to convert to the QuickBooks file.

  4. Step Four

    You will get the options to choose the data you want to copy to the new file. It can be data of lists, transactions or both.

  5. Step Five

    Then the conversion process will start and you will get the converted file to use on QuickBooks.

It is important to convert the files according to your system. The data file of Windows will not be supported by Mac QuickBooks and vice versa. So you have to choose the version of the QuickBooks and then have to convert the file according to it.

Migration of SAGE 50 Into QuickBooks

Do you need any help for doing this conversion, you can dial Quick Books Help Phone to discuss your issue with technicians .You can also choose to erase the unused data or the corrupted data to boost the performance of the data file.

The converted file can be optimized for the better performance and to reduce the size of the file. It is very simple process and you can do it manually. The data migration provides you the option to use your current account data in new accounting software.

Need Professional Help?

You can contact at if you have any query about the conversion process from SAGE 50 to QuickBooks. Get Help for Peachtree to QuickBooks converion from

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