Sage ACH Processing Overview

The Sage ACH processing is type of e-payment processing. It is web based software developed by the Sage. It is a payment solution provided by Sage to make work a lot easier for its customers. The ACH which stands for the Automatic Clearing House is a U.S. government run system which allows the money to be electronically transferred, for one time payments or recurring payments, from one bank account to another, through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the form of a debit or credit.
As the check acceptance is a vital component of a business’ revenue flow. So by allowing the customers to pay with checks, in addition to credit cards, improves customer satisfaction and is likely to increase overall sales. This way Sage Virtual Check allows merchants to process an authorized ACH debit of a customer’s checking account. Debits can be a one-time charge or can be set up as a recurring payment. In both cases the check information is to be entered electronically using our Virtual Terminal eliminating a trip to the bank to deposit customer checks.

Sage ACH Processing Key Benefits and Features:

It had various benefits:

  • The funds can be deposited promptly
  • No deposition trips to bank
  • An automated recurring billing at no extra charge
  • A convenient 24 hour access to online reporting
  • No installation or any upgrade required
  • Implementation is quiet simple
  • Lower processing cost than a credit card

Recurring Billing: The Virtual Check is ideal for businesses that bill customers on a regular basis. The recurring payment can be scheduled using the Virtual Terminal to occur on a regular basis so the transaction can happen automatically on the scheduled date. This way a merchant can give their customer the convenience of setting up automatic payments while ensuring the promptness of payment, making billing and collections easier and more efficient.
A Simple Solution: The merchants utilize the Sage Virtual Terminal to enter and manage all customer check information. The Virtual Terminal is a free web-based solution which does not require installation or software upgrades. Its reporting features give a transaction snapshot or a detailed overview of processing history, and can be exported as an Excel, PDF or XPS file. It is an incredibly robust, secure, reliable, cost-effective solution accessible 24/7.
The Sage Virtual Check allows for an electronic deposit of merchant funds within 3 business days thus improving cash flow and the ability to support multiple locations and users. Thus, providing the customers with a safe, secure and convenient method of check acceptance.

Sage ACH Processing Customer Support Phone Number

There are times when Sage ACH Processing gets surrounded with multiple issues that restrict the users from the accessing the software. We understand that your work is interrupted and we are here for your help 24*7. So without panicking you can easily call us at +1 844 3134 857 or email us at

Sage ACH Processing Support Toll Free Number

For any query you have related to Sage ACH Processing you can call us at +1 844 3134 857, it is toll free number or you can click on SMB Accountants. This way you can get in touch with us. Our in house team is here to help you 24*7 and will provide you the best information on Sage ACH Processing. The technical support team values your time and tries to offer resolution in the shortest wait time possible. The Sage Support team assures you the first call resolution after identifying the error or any Sage related problem you have.

How to Connect Sage ACH Processing Support on Phone

You just have to dial the toll free phone number and instantly get connected to an expert Sage professional. We are here round the clock to handle your queries and issues. The dedicated team of Sage is here to offer feasible solutions for all the complex Sage errors. You are guaranteed with a solution to your problem within a minimum wait time.

Sage ACH Processing Chat & Email support

Apart from phone support you can also get in contact with the support team through an email. You can write us an email and the Sage representative will reply you back the email within 24 hours of reporting time. There is also another option of Online Chat with a Sage expert. This way you get instant support solutions.

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