Sage Drive Problems Error Opening Sage Drive Company at remote Site

Once you upgrade sage software to the later version and open the Sage Drive Company, you may face certain error:

The error may occur because the selected sage drive company is still using the later version. The data/file must have been upgraded to the Sage Accounts Version that has been installed before this company file can be accessed. Sage Drive problem does not create problem all alone, you may also face various Errors like sage error 1607 and sage accpac error 49153.

Causes of Sage Drive Problems

We have found out three main causes be Sage Drive problem. Before you go for any of the resolution method, you need to identify the exact cause of the problem.

  • Sage Accounts’ remote site has been upgraded to the later version but the main site hasn’t upgraded.
  • The main site wasn’t upgraded but the remote site was upgraded and data was finalized.
  • The computer with main site is no longer available.
Point to Remember: You require a stable internet connection to get your Sage Drive working properly. You also need to make sure that it fulfills minimum software requirement in terms of speed.
  • 4Mbps Minimum download speed.
  • 2Mbps minimum upload speed.

Data Synchronization Issue with Sage Drive

There are various circumstances where you can expect this issue as it occurs very frequently in your software, in such cases, you need to make sure that all your data files are up to date. If a message appears on your software, leave your software as it is and let it synchronize, once your software is synchronized, restart your system and then open your software.

Once your data is synchronizing, it may take time and number of factors that influence the software and internet connection speed. If the message still remains in your software, you are to follow certain steps.

There are various situations where certain processes where data can be refreshed to solve the issue. In such cases, you are to remove Sage Drive completely and then re-upload.

The processes comprise:

  • Running a year end.
  • Re-indexing your data.
  • Compress your data.
  • Restore your backup.

Need Professional Help?

You can get all the information on Sage and Errors related to Sage Drive, you can search on our website. If you want assistance from our Sage Technical Support Team, you can get reach us via our Live Chat Support from our website or you can have instant support via Toll-Free Number Chat now.

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