What is Sage Error 1607 & How to Fix It?

Sage is a comprehensive accounting software which was developed and marketed by Sage Group. It is a user-friendly software which helps in running your business smoothly. But under some circumstances users may come across some technical error like Sage Error 1607.

These technical errors act as a hindrance in your work. It is a Runtime Error which is similar to other Sage errors like Sage Error Code 1920 or Sage Error 1603.

Error 1607

Sage Error 1607 is a Runtime Error which mostly occurs in Sage 50-US Edition. You can find this error in Microsoft Windows operating system XP/Vista/7/8/8.1 and 10. When a user encounters this error, there system appears to be sluggish and freezes temporarily for a few seconds.

The users get this error when the installation have not required level of access to specific areas of their system. It is mostly occurred when Windows user is not an administrator.

The other reason may be that the specific folder does not come under the access of general administrator access.

You will receive this error message

“Installation – Error 1607”

then try to restart your system and retry the installation of software again. If it still occurs then follow solution mentioned below as it may be due to the restricted access to Temp Folder.

How to Resolve Sage Error 1607

To rectify this Sage Error 1607, you have to follow the solution mention below:

Total Time: 11 minutes

  1. Step One

    Start your computer.

  2. Step Two

    Press the Windows Key along with R.

  3. Step Three

    A small dialog box will appear on your screen.

  4. Step Four

    On its search bar type “%temp%”.

  5. Step Five

    Press Enter.

  6. Step Six

    Select folder which appears on left of Temp in address bar. (Note: For Windows XP, select up folder level image)

  7. Step Seven

    Right click on Temp option and click on properties.

  8. Step Eight

    Go to security and click on Edit.

  9. Step Nine

    Select Add option.

  10. Step Ten

    Type “Everyone” in dialog box.

  11. Step Eleven

    Now check names and then see if the Multiple Name Found window is open.

  12. Step Twelve

    Click on “OK”. Make a note that “Everyone” is underlined.

  13. Step Thirteen

    Go to Allow column and click on Full Control option which is mentioned below Allow.

  14. Step Fourteen

    Click on OK.

  15. Step Fifteen

    Reinstall the software again.

By following the steps mentioned above you can easily resolve the error.

Sage makes your accounting and financial work simpler and easier but under few occasions it too malfunctions. In those situations, you try to resolve the errors by Sage recommended solutions.

Need Professional Help?

But what if you are unable to rectify those errors, then you try to contact Sage customer supports. There are certain circumstances where you are unable to get in touch with them. So, you look for alternatives like smbaccountants.com. They are third party Sage consultant who provide customer support to Sage users worldwide.

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