What is Sage Error 1935 & How to Fix It?

Sage is one of the most popular accounting software and widely accepted world-wide. Sage has been developed to gear up the small and middle sized industries. The software possesses advanced features & tools that helps in handling the business smoothly improving the accuracy of the tasks and saving time and money.  

At times the user faces errors while using the software. Sage error code 1935 is one of the common error code reported by the users.

Possible Reasons for The Sage Error Code 1935

Sage Error 1935 specifically points out that an error occurred while installing the assembly component.

The Error occurs mainly due the reasons given below:

  • An issue in the Background Programs
  • An issue in the Antivirus Program
  • If the Installation Files are damaged due to some reason.
  • If there’s an issue with the Windows Update
  • If there is an issue with the .NET Framework

How to Fix Sage Error 1935

Here are a few tips of how to resolve the sage error 1935 and solve the problem in hand. suggest you follow the following guidelines:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    After having selected Windows Start, go to Control Panel, then go on to Windows UpdatesNote.  See to it if there exist any essential updates that are available (eg. .NET). If those particular updates are unfinished, install the updates. After which, try to re-install the Sage Accounting Software again.

  2. Step Two

    After the above procedures, Select Change Settings.

  3. Step Three

    Under the section titled ”Important updates”, drop down. Then, select on Never Check for Updates.

  4. Step Four

    Select on OK

  5. Step Five

    After a few more procedures, double-click on the section titled service, then select on Stop.

  6. Step Six

    Try re-installing Sage 50

  7. Step Seven

    In case the Sage 50 installation is successful, go back to the steps followed before to change everything back to whatever it had been previously.

  8. Step Eight

    You might just want to install any and/or all the software updates that are pending.

Why Use Sage Accounting Software?

Since Sage accounting Software is integrated with Cloud, you can work from anywhere & everywhere. Whether you use laptop or tablet or smart-phone without having to present at the work station. You can also make good reports by simply using drag and drop designer, or even using the smart templates.

  • With Sage being integrated with Cloud, your data is automatically backed-ups & stored in the cloud. Thus you can work on the data and make necessary changes from the cloud. Moreover, the data is secure and you’ll never again have your work hindered without a backup done recently.
  • Sage Accounting Software enables the user to keep track on the user’s business with a visual dashboard that highlights major areas of performance and stay ahead of others keeping primary trends of your budgets and
  • Helps in modifying the management of inventory, controlling of costs of the inventory and quantities. Gain more advantage by assembling items on either on the fly or create complex builds, taken from stock-
  • Using Sage, you can easily make payments & receive electronic payments, both faster and in an accurate manner; with Sage 50 Direct Deposit.
  • All software is prone to error. Sage Accounting Software is no exception. Sage Error 1935 is one such error hindering the work-flow. In case you need our help to solve the issue, call sage 50 tech support.

Need Professional Help?

For any help that you might require on fixing up Sage Error 1935, please do not hesitate to call on our smbaccountants.com phone number. We’re there to help you and we promise to help you in every possible way to fix the issue and undo the 1935 Error. Our in-house technical support team is highly efficient and quick in handling issues & providing proper resolutions in a nominal wait-time. You can also reach our technical support team via email, live chat. We assure you of the earliest resolution of the problem hindering your usage of the Software .

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