What is Sage Error Code 1327 & How to Fix It?

Sage Error Code 1327 states that Invalid Drive.” Still suffering from Sage 50 errors? This is the right place for you. The Error Code refers to the Mapped Drive, that you haven’t yet specified any installation drive.

There can be various other Errors and Problems related to Sage 50 like Sage 50 install error 1628 or Sage 50 ACCPAC Error 49153 and the solutions of which are also very necessary so that you can perform all the actions properly.

Possible Causes of Sage Error Code 1327

There can be various possible causes related to this error. There can be some technical and functional external causes. Understanding such errors might be difficult for some users.

  • Corrupt or incomplete download of your Sage – Accounting software.
  • Window’s registry got corrupt due to any change in software.
  • Infection due to virus/malware that corrupt windows file
  • Any active program or software or any running from behind has affected the software download or corrupt the file.

There can be various “runtime error (s)” also. In such cases, troubleshooting becomes very difficult for non-technical user.

Ways of Resolving Sage Error Code 1327

Few steps that you actually need to keep in mind once you start fixing this issue.  There can occur various other errors also if you attempt any wrong step (s).
Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind and follow the instruction.

1. Solution One: Basic Steps

This is the first basic solution. Following which will help you in solving the issue.

  • You need to repair registry entries which are linked with this particular error.
  • Scan your system/computer to make it virus/malware free.
  • Check for system software update. If available, go for update.
  • Uninstall your software and Reinstall your software.
  • Install all required latest window’s updates.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps. You will be ready to use your Sage 50. If these steps do not resolve the Sage Error Code 1327. Use another method.

2. Solution Two

  • Make a New Folder on the desktop.
  • Rename this folder to Test
  • Right-click on the folder and click on Properties
  • Click on Sharing tab
  • Select Advanced Sharing
  • Now, click on Share this folder, and click on Permissions
  • With Everyone highlighted, check Full Control and click on OK
  • Now, turn-off the Properties window
  • Right-click on your system and click on Properties
  • Note down your System’s Name and close window
  • Now, press Windows KEY + R from your keyboard
  • Enter your computer’s name and press on OK
  • Right-click  on Test and click on Map Network Drive
  • Set the Drive to the letter noted in the error message, then click on Finish
  • Now, try Sage 50 installation once again.
  • Once the installation is complete, disconnect the new network drive and delete the Test folder from the desktop

Need Professional Help?

The above-mentioned steps will help you in mapping a drive. If the error still persists, you can Contact Us through various channels which are made available by us for our customers. Our smbaccountants.com comprises all the information. Our Live Chat Support is available on our website. Call on our Sage 50 tech support Number on Chat now with the error that you have encountered and our team will revert you with all genuine solution and information that is required.

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