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Why Sage Estimate Chat is your Helpdesk?

Whether you’re having issues using Sage Estimate or the version using, has expired! Don’t panic! Chat with us. We’re online 24*7 to help you out. Looking for the chat option? It’s on the left hand of the footer. You can leave your queries for us, if you perchance find us offline, we’ll help you.
If you’re a Sage Estimate client, you can chat with us through the following process:

  • Click on
  •  Now, choose the topic you require help with and state the problem you are facing. You don’t have to elaborate if you don’t want to, but you’ll have to give us a little information that may just help us resolve your problem.
  •  In case the information we give does not help, click on NEXT.
  •  Also, let us know how we may contact you.
  •  Click  Live Chat Support to ask us for help.

Our chat representative will ask you to explain the nature of the problem/hindrance you are facing, and will try to provide you the best possible solutions.
What is Sage Estimate?
Sage Estimate is construction estimation software which is used by contractor to build & share the estimates of bidding with bidders, contractors, suppliers, and stakeholder.
Why we are here?
Since you’re dependent on Sage Estimate for all your construction-related needs, it often proves to produce hindrance to install, update or even upgrade the software. This is the very reason why we are 24*7 ready with our online presence, that we may help you out. Speak to us via chat support. We’re ever prepared to help you out, your problems are ours.

Sage Estimate Basic Error Guide

  • Temporary Pervasive error – the System was unable to get hold of a lasting Pervasive/Action license from the Internet.  How can you eradicate such problems? Use software or hardware firewalls, or even sometimes proxy servers.

Fixing the Error:

  • Look up the Services applet (Start, Run: services.msc) window, you must restart the Sage Pervasive Licensing Service- wait for a few minutes- allow the server to get a permanent solution- now verify the Product, the Product Key, License Type & Expiration Date.
  •  Then, after other procedures, check the Services applet (Start, Run: services.msc) window, restart Sage Pervasive Licensing Service. After a while your workstation will get a permanent key

While installing the Sage Estimate, you might end up with an installation error, come up with your queries via the chat option on hand located on the footer.
Although updating the software is easy, clean and clear, but it may also bring forth errors which are very complex. Chat with us or call our customer support number + 1 844 3134 857
Please make sure your browser allows pop-ups, and you have no plug-ins enabled that could prevent the Chat window from opening.

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*If live chat isn’t available in your language, you can access the English-language chat 24 hours a day.
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