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Why Sage Fixed Assets Web Chat is your Helpdesk?

It might so happen that Sage Fixed Assets version has expired or might have ceased to work, what would you do? No worries! We, the Web Chat support team are available 24 * 7 and are ever ready to help fix your predicament. Can’t find chat option? We’ll help you with that! Sage fixed Assets Web Chat is located on the center of the footer. In case you find us offline, please leave your queries on the chat and we shall definitely reply as soon as we can.
If you’re a Sage Fixed Assets client, you can use the Sage fixed Assets Web Chat with following the steps, given below:

  • Click on
  • Next, select the problem from the options given. You might have to elaborate, but you may avoid doing so by giving us some details which might be require to fix your issue(s).
  • In case of the information provided by us proves unhelpful, choose a mode of contact and let us know how you would like us to contact you (via email, phone, etc.)
  • Then click on the Live Chat Support to chat with us.

Our chat highly competent chat- support agent might ask you to clarify the kind of your hindrance/issue that is getting in the way of the appropriate functioning of the software. Then, he/she will definitely try to help you out.Our chat highly competent chat- support agent might ask you to clarify the kind of your hindrance/issue that is getting in the way of the appropriate functioning of the software. Then, he/she will definitely try to help you out.
What is Sage Fixed Assets?
Sage Fixed Assets (which was formerly called FAS) is a complete flawlessly integrated accounting of soft fixed assets, completely tailored for every type businesses of all sizes.
Why Use Sage Fixed Assets Software?

  • Eradicates difficult and mistake-prone spreadsheets thereby enabling one to save time & money. Moreover, it helps in managing the user’s fixed assets by using with above 50 depreciation methods which include MACRS 150 percent and MACRS 200 percent. Furthermore, it also helps to ensure observance of government norms.
  • Helps in eradicating lost or stolen assets, reducing the costs of insurance with asset-tracking software which is inclusive of check-in or check-out facility for assets that are mobile. The software moreover helps in controlling the data entry with modified methods and plainly portrays the asset records with images as well as notes. The assets are labeled & tracked with a variety of previously printed bar-code labels and readers
  • Helps the user by importing invoices along with other acquisition information from the user’s system of accounts-payable.

Why we are here?
While using Sage Fixed Assets Software there might appear certain errors or issues which might cause impediment to either install or to upgrade or even to update Sage Fixed Assets. In cases like this, you will need professional help. We are online 24*7 and are ever-ready to help you in fixing your issue. You can chat with us about the issue-at-hand; via Fixed Asset Web chat.

Sage Fixed Assets Basic Error Guides.

“Invalid Printer Specified” when installed to the local system error in Sage Fixed Assets – The error appears with the update & installation of Sage Fixed Asset single-user products, Premier etc. to a neighboring workplace, and with the product detailed configuration.XML file appearing to be found invalid or the printer information being out-of-date.
Fixing the Error:

  • Click on File, Print Setup & select another printer, then click OK.
  • Now, run report in order to see if the inaccuracy is resolved. If not , then Exit Sage Fixed Assets, click on Start, Devices and Printers, Right click on alternate printer. Next click on Set as default printer. After this, close the window and Log into Sage Fixed Assets.
  • After all this, click on File, Print Setup, select a different printer, click OK. Moreover, you need to click on File, Print Setup, and select the original printer. Now, click on Ok.
  • Run report to see if the error is resolved.

While installing the Sage Fixed Assets, you might end up with an upgrade-installation error, don’t panic, and tell us of your problem. Leave your doubts by means of the Sage Fixed Asset Web chat option on hand located on the footer.
Although updating might be easy, it may also bring forth errors which are very complex. Chat with us or call our customer support number +1 844 3134 857.
Please make sure your browser allows pop-ups, and you have no plug-ins enabled that could prevent the Chat window from opening.

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