What is Sage Install Error 1628 & How to Fix It?

Sage has become a world-renown provider of accounting software. The company was founded in 1981 in Newcastle, England. it has speedily become one of the biggest enterprise among the software companies all around the world. The company prides itself with over 6 million customers.

To enhance businesses, both small and medium, on its financial and accounting processes; Sage has introduced several products. Some of them are:

  • Sage Intacct which helps CFOs to access integrated reports of the management and financial processes across their businesses without time time consumption. This is in order that they may grow and drive their businesses to profit.
  • Sage 100 aids with growing a company with accounting,distribution , manufacturing,inventory management etc.
  • Sage Fixed Assets helps in forecasting and planning for expected depreciation and making the budgets more accurate.
  • Sage 300 helps you manage finances, inventory, and operations in multiple languages and currencies.


1. Accounting Made Easy: Helps in tracking expenses, sending invoices, paying employees, managing inventory, receiving payments, controlling cash flow and preparing taxes without place and time consumption.
2. Staying on budget: Sage Accounting Software can help the user know how much he/she is spending, about billing procedures, and getting paid in order that the user is able to remain stay cash-flow-positive.
3. Getting Organized: The Accounting software helps in saving, organizing and/or retrieving  financial data including invoices, returns, credits etc.
4. Helping the User’s Business to scale up: Sage Accounting software enables user to expand his/her business abroad.
5. Aids in vendor management
6. Due to Cloud, a user can access the information required or work anywhere or everywhere.
7. Helps in creating financial clarity and aids in making effective, precise management with simple tools.

Like all Software, Sage Accounting Software is also prone error. Sage Install Error 1628 is one such error which is reported commonly by the users. In such scenario you will need to connect with the Sage 50 support team in order that fix the error to avoid further complexities that might hinder the work flow.

What is Sage Install Error 1628?

Sage Install Error 1628 appears when the software “failed to complete installation”. The error usually takes place since the Microsoft.net Framework in use; is out-dated or damaged.

Possible Causes for the Sage Install Error 1628?

The Error is caused due to the two main reasons:

Appears when user is installing or uninstalling software onto the operating system. Net Framework in use; is out-dated or damaged

How to fix the Error?

Here are two tips of how you can resolve/fix this problem. Sage recommends to follow the steps in the given sequence to get positive results:

1. Solution One: 

Run Microsoft Easy Fix Utility by downloading it.

2. Solution Two:

  • Uninstall via command prompt
  • Press Windows+R keys to open a run command window
  • Type Regedit, and then click OK
  • Select File, and then select Export and create a backup of registry
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Uninstall\
  • On the right side of the screen, find the key labeled Uninstall String, double-click it, and copy the string
  • Click OK, and close Registry Editor
  • Press Windows+R keys
  • Type CMD, and then click OK
  • Right-click DOS window, and then select Paste
  • Press Enter
  • Follow the screen prompts etc.

Need Professional Help?

The customer support team can be approached through phone support, email support or live chat option. The support team is highly approachable and accords instant resolutions. Alternatively you can connect with other third party Sage support agencies like smbaccountants.com. We the tech support team employs experienced and qualified Sage professionals who are efficient and competent to fix the problem bothering you in minimum time.

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