What is Sage Pastel Error Code 20 & How to Fix It?

Sage Pastel is basically an add-on which enhances the usage of Sage accounting software and allows the customers to focus on their core business. Sage pastel believes in staying innovative within a technological environment which is ever-changing and aims to give the customers the confidence to remain the same.

What is Sage Pastel Error CODE 20?

Sage Pastel Error code 20 occurs while the user is trying to open Pastel.

To enhance businesses, Sage has introduced several versions. Some of them are:


  • Mobility: Sage Pastel helps in empowering and mobilizing the workforce in order to generate sales from the invoices using the new mobile application. Sage Pastel enables the user(s) to find his/her/their customers and help in conducting business even if the user is traveling.
  • Forms Assistant: Using Forms Assistant feature in Sage Pastel, one can create professional-looking documents and/or statements .
  • Bid Farewell to Manual Bank Reconciliation: Reconciling a bank account can take several hours or seven several days to complete. Sage Pastel helps in making the user’s bank recons easier with Sage Pastel Bank Manager. The processes are simplified due to its being automatic, which prevents a lot of time consumption.
  • Business Reports At a mere Click: Sage Pastel Intelligence (BIC) helps automate the business reporting process so that the user might be able to focus on analyzing the information received to make proper decisions with confidence.

Like all Software, Sage Pastel is also prone error. Sage Pastel Error Code 20 is one such error which causes users to stumble in their work . In such cases you’ll require our help. So, call our sage 50 tech support to fix the error so that there might not be any hindrance to the work flow.

Possible Causes for The Sage Pastel Error Code 20?

The Error is caused due to the following reasons:

  • Pervasive Engine or Service might not be running.
  • Pervasive is not licensed.
  • Pervasive components were not installed correctly.
  • The workstation is not being able to create a link to the Server engine while the user is using Pervasive Client/Server.

How to Fix The Sage Pastel Error Code 20?

Here are a few tips of how you can resolve this issue and fix this problem. Below are recommended following steps in the given sequence to receive positive results:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Possess Pervasive licenses on all machines

  2. Step Two

    Uninstall and Re-install Pervasive

  3. Step Three

    Antivirus must be disabled

  4. Step Four

    The user must be an administrator

  5. Step Five

    If the user is using Vista, Windows 7; you’ll need to turn the UAC (User Access Control) off.

  6. Step Six

    In case you’re using Pervasive 9 or 10, you’ll need to turn the Embedded Spaces off

Need Professional Help?

For instant help on Sage Pastel Error X Code 20 and other Sage Pastel Errors, please call on our smbaccountants.com, smb_accountants; in order that our authorized Sage technicians might be able to to help you resolve the issue and fix the problem. They can be approached through different modes: phone support, email support, live chat. You can also choose to connect with other trustworthy Sage support agencies like smbaccountants.com. The in house customer support team is highly proficient and prompt in handling the issues and according right resolutions in a minimum wait time. It assures first call resolution to the users .

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