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If while using Sage Payments, certain problems might crop up. For example: the version-in-use has expired or an error has sprung up, etc. In case of such impediment, what to do? No worries! We, the Live Chat Free support team are always available 24 * 7 and are ever prepared to help you fix your predicament. If you can’t find chat option, we’ll help you with it! Sage Payments Web Live Chat Free is situated at the right side of the footer. In case we’re offline, please leave your queries on the chat and we’ll try getting back to you reply as soon as possible.
Being a Sage Payments client, you can use reach out to us following the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Click on
  • Next, select the problem from among the given options. We might ask you to elaborate since we need to understand the type of issue.
  • In case the information is not helpful contact us via telephone, email and especially via chat option
  • Click on our Live Chat Support to chat with us.

Our chat highly experienced chat- support representative may ask you to clarify the kind of problem you are facing. Our chat highly experienced chat- support representative may ask you to clarify the kind of problem you are facing.
 What is Sage Payments?
Sage Payments is simple and smart business software that helps you get paid, manage your monetary wealth & make payments. Its features enable you to get paid faster with e-invoicing and creating new invoices with the click-to-pay options along with automatic payment-reconciliation.
Why Use Sage Payments Software?

  • Since all of the payment functions money management takes place online, it saves time and reduces errors due to its automatic payment-reconciliation.
  • Helps in accepting all types of debit and credit card payments in more than 25 currencies
  • Your data is safe with our level 1 PCI DSS certification
  • You can now receive invoice payments online and receive funds within 2 working days.

Why we are here?
In cases when Sage Payments Software doesn’t work or the version-in-use is out-of-date, you’ll need professional help. We’re online every day and all day long and are always prepared to help you out. Do you have problem using your Sage Payments? Chat with us, about the problem-at-hand; via Sage Payments Web Live Chat Free.

Sage Payments Basic Error Guide

“Sorry, the service is unavailable error in Sage Payments Assets
Let us consider the following case: A customer has been sent an invoice via email, from Sage 50. He clicks on the link to make payment of the invoice online, but the e-Invoice service has not been installed in the Payment Center. Thus appears the above mentioned error.
Fixing the Error:

  • Enter/edit merchant account information by filling in the Merchant ID and Merchant Key. Then go to sage 50
  • From the Sage 50, go to Payment Center and log in to Payment Center by using the Sage Exchange log in credentials
  • Right-click on SE 2.0 icon in the Microsoft Windows system tray. After that left-click on Settings in order that you may open the Sage Exchange Settings dialog-box.
  • After many more processes that you may find in the setup guide manual, select the account you want the invoices to be posted in and save the same.
  • Finally, install the E-Invoice.

While using the Sage Payments, you might end up with “service unavailable” error, speak to us of your problem, tell us what’s bothering you via of the Sage Payments Web Live Chat Free option on hand located on the footer.
Although resolving the issue might be easy, it may also give rise to errors which are very complex. Chat with us or call our customer support number +1 844 3134 857
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