What is Sage Payroll Error 1046 & How to Fix It?

Sage Payroll is a dependable software, enabling the user to possess total control over the user’s business payroll and clear-cut visibility. The software creates businesslike & glassy payroll process along with accurate documentation by pre-determined HR templates. Moreover, Sage Payroll is used to enhance the business efficiency & productivity; in order to deal with payroll and resource issues.

Major Features of HR and Payroll

  • Flexible solutions created in order that the needs of one’s business is met
  • Ever remain updated with the a la mode legislation from SARS
  • Keep an updated record of all your employees
  • Mechanically calculate statutory and tax deductions
  • Use IRP5s & Create payslips for your employees
  • Helps in making affordable monthly payments

The Benefits of Sage Payroll

We often ask ourselves, “why use a particular software? Is it good? Will it help me?” Well, it is these same questions which haunt us when it comes to the usage of Sage Payroll.

The following are certain reasons to why Sage payroll is important:

1. Efficiency

The sage payroll system is integrated into the other systems in a company such as the company’s performance-reporting systems and/or time-keeping system, and other systems related to HR which helps track employees’ development, reports, &/or remuneration. The proficiency of the above mentioned integration is realized when information is sought concerning salaries and/or performance.

2. Data is Safe:

The Software aids in keeping an employees’ personal & financial information away from prying eye. This is quite a big responsibility which all employers should by all means, to take upon themselves.

3. Automatic:

Automated payroll systems are becoming increasingly important in the the world, due to the efficiency argument. Employers who have not yet upgraded themselves with automation in their payroll processes, will be facing extinction very soon.

Causes of Sage Payroll Error 1046

  • You entered your user ID and password incorrectly in e-Submission Settings.
  • HMRC have modified your tax reference but you haven’t done so within your software.
  • The Gateway is busy while submitting and can’t validate your details.
  • Although you’ve selected the “Submit” button as an agent check box. You are not registered with HMRC as an agent.

Fixing the Sage Payroll Error 1046

In order to undo the error, you’ll have to check the following and then try to re-submit:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    Go to e-Submissions, then click e-Submission Settings.

  2. Step Two

    Remove the tax reference number and re-enter a valid tax district/reference number. You must ensure that you keep no blank spaces after the reference. Any letters in the tax-district/reference number must be present in the upper case.

  3. Step Three

    Remove the old ID & Password and re-enter the user ID and password.

  4. Step Four

    Ensure that if you are not registered as an agent with HMRC, that you do not click on the Submit button as an agent and that the check box on the Contact Details tab is clear.

  5. Step Five

    Save and then Close.

  6. Step Six

    Check if your tax district/ reference is the same as the details in your e-Submission Settings and that the position of your PAYE for Employers service is working. This you must do by logging in to the website.

Need Professional Help?

Moreover, please resubmit when the Gateway might be less busy.
Although it is good to fix errors without external help, at times; however, you may have to solve the problem by yourselves. In such cases it would be wise for a network administrator or Sage 50 Support analyst if you are confused with what is to be done. For instant help on Sage Payroll Error 1046, please call on our Sage 50 support phone number in order that our authorized Sage technicians might be able to to help you resolve the issue and fix the problem. They can be approached through different modes: phone support, email support, live chat option. You can also choose to connect with other reliable Sage support agencies like smbaccountants.com. The in house customer support team is highly proficient and prompt in handling the issues and according right resolutions in a minimum wait time. It assures first call resolution to the users . Call on our toll free Sage 50 tech Support phone number smb_accountants and garner best quality support.

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