What are Sage Payroll Errors & How to Fix Them

Sage Payroll is a trustworthy software, which enables the user to have absolute control over the business’ payroll and clear-cut visibility. With efficient & smooth payroll processes and accurate documentation through previously determined HR templates, Sage Payroll is used to increase user’s business efficiency & productivity which in order to deal with resource and payroll issues.

Major Benefits of using Sage Payroll

  • Simply usable & Easy setup
  • Complies with local legislations
  • Human errors cause a lot hindrances in the Payroll Processes hence Sage Payroll eliminates unnecessary human errors
  • Provides Free manual routines to focus on strategic tasks

Why Use Sage Payroll?

  • Although Sage Payroll software is not difficult to use, it is understood that the user might require a helping hand at times. That is the sole reason why Sage Payroll is backed by sage 50 tech support, giving you access to our payroll experts by phone or email.
  • A user does not need to be an expert on payroll , or hire one to use it. He/she can easily use the software by merely installing it, setting-up wizards and built-in help centers.
  • With Sage Payroll, the user can easily pay employees directly from the payroll software, having saved precious time in order that he/she may focus on running businesses.
  • To HR Manager, taking care of the employees takes first place. With Sage Payroll, the user can store employee’s information in a secure manner, effectively managing the employees’ holidays and record custom absence types.
  • Like all Software, Sage Payroll is also prone to error. Sage Pay Errors are of diverse types and of several categories. However, below are a few of them. For all such cases where we might be able to help, please call our sage 50 tech support.

Different Sage Payroll Errors

Sage Payroll errors are caused due to several reasons and are of different types.

Some of them are given below:

1. Error 7866 when you submit a full payment submission:

Causes: occurs when a value more or lesser than zero is present against a category that is meant to be zero.

In such cases please connect with the tech support team

2. Error 1046 is an Authentication Failure error.

The error refers to the situation where the given user-credentials failed validation required for the requested service.

The Way of Fixing Sage Payroll Errors

To fix the sage payroll errors, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    e-Submissions > e-Submission Settings

  2. Step Two

    Remove & re-enter a valid tax reference number. This ensures that there are no blank spaces after the it. If any letters do exist in the tax reference/district number must be in upper case.

  3. Step Three

    Firstly, remove user ID & password. Then, re-enter the user ID and then password.

  4. Step Four

    Save > Close etc.

There are many more errors that hinder the usage of Sage Payroll. Although it is good to fix errors without external help, at times you might be unable to solve the problem by yourselves. In such cases it would be wise for a Sage Business Partner or network administrator or Sage Customer Support analyst if you are confused with what is to be done.

Need Professional Help?

For instant help on Sage Payroll Errors, please call on our Sage 50 support phone number in order that our authorized Sage technicians might be able to help you resolve the issue and fix the problem. They can be approached through different modes: phone support, email support, live chat option. You can also choose to connect with other reliable Sage support agencies like smbaccountants.com.

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