Sage Timeslips Overview

The ideal solution for any firm that bills for services and wants to convert more staff time into money is Sage Timeslips. For more than 25 years Sage Timeslips has been a trusted time tracking and billing solutions which enables the service organizations to capture billable hour’s thus increasing profit and delivering more accurate and timely billing.
Sage Timeslips are designed in such a way that it serves its purpose as an ideal solution for most complicated billing cycles. It simplifies all the billing cycles thus makes our work easy. Timeslips requires all the basics so that it can capture time and expense record so as to produce invoices from the provided information. It has an extensive invoice and report customization feature. This exclusive feature has the ability to deliver invoices via email, and can seamlessly form a two way link with Microsoft Outlook for emails, appointments, and to do’s, capturing billing time which has never been easier.
The essential part of a successful operating a service business is to maintain an effective time and a billing system. So, Timeslips being the leader in the time and billing solutions for small business, it includes all of the power and ease-of-use features you need to manage your firm’s billing cycle more efficiently and profitably. It has features like detailed time, expense tracking, project reporting, custom billing formatting on a per-client basis, and full accounts receivable tracking will help you to turn more of your time into the money.
The difficulties faced in the billing process for your goods and service is a very common issue.
Sage Timeslips is a software application that makes it easier for you to generate accurate bills for the goods and services offered by your organization while determining exact billable hours. As a result, the calculation is proper and keeping track records is simpler.
By simplifying everything, Sage Timeslips ensures timely delivery of accurate billing, thereby leading to a significant increase in an organization’s profitability.

Sage Timeslips – Why to use?

Sage Timeslips has been serving organizations for over 25 years by offering most accurate and timely billing to clients. As soon as you have the software in your system, you can be assured of some functions being automatically performed. Some of the reasons that make it mandatory for you as an organization to use Sage Timeslips are as follows:

  • You will never miss any billable opportunity
  • You can be assured of tracking accurate time and expense entry
  • Your process from billing to accounts receivable will be simplified
  • Your productivity will increase with automatic time capture
  • You will get to understand the performance easily with simple reporting offered

Sage Timeslips Key Benefits and Features:

The potential features and benefits of Sage Timeslips are as follows:

Smart Time and Expense Entry:

It makes accurate and efficient time and expense tracking easy in Sage Timeslips. The use of the Automatic Time Capture feature is to self-operate the recording of the time from the multiple applications which includes Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, web pages, third party applications and more.
It has an add-on product called Sage Timeslips eCenter that provides web-based time and expense entry and tracking when you are away from your desk. eCenter can be accessed on any device like laptops, Apple Macs and ipads, Android tablets and smart phones with a basic requirement of a browser and internet connections.
Keeping a track of the time and expense entries and maintaining the graph is important. To help organizations achieve this, the software offers:

  • Voice to Text: It utilizes voice recognition to enter details in the description area of free form text fields such as slip and accounts receivable description, client in reference to, and notes.
  • Activity list based on clients: This feature allows you to assign specific tasks and expense items to a client. It avoids scrolling through activities that doesn’t apply to a client currently in use thus saving time.
  • Automatic time capture that self-operates the recording or tracking of the time and expense
  • Support for multiple applications, which helps the tracking of entries from Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, web pages, and other apps
  • Client-based customizable task and expense lists
  • Voice to text data capture
  • Add-on product Sage Timeslips eCenter, which facilitates web-based time and expense racking when you are away from your desktop or laptop

Intuitive Bill Generation:

It has a simple drag-and-drop customization which makes it quick and easy to generate professional-looking bills. The industries standard electronic billing formats are supported including LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor. If a slip requires approval, then billing administrators may choose before invoicing to the customer and multiple billing for the client, such as hourly, flat, contingency, percent complete, and many more which are available.
Your professional-looking bill is your business attitude. Sage Timeslips ever let you compromise with it. Along with the accuracy and timeliness, the software also makes sure the bill generated for the clients has a professional look and feel. To ensure this, it has:

  • Water mark for Draft Bills: It eliminates confusion during the editing process of the billing cycle. The Bills can be generated with a watermark on each page indicating a draft copy.
  • A drag-and-drop customization feature that simplifies the choice-making process simple for companies/organizations
  • Standard billing formats providing easy access to LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor 1
  • Water mark option or draft bills
  • Multiple billing methods and arrangements support

Simple Reports and Design Customization:

It contains over 100 predefined reports which are specially designed to meet the needs of professionals. It creates custom reports and graphs or generates detailed or summarized reports of each and every task performed in your organization. The intuitive report wizard makes your task quick and simple by walking along with you throughout the report set-up.
As simple as the reporting is, it is easier for you to track the growth and performance of your organization. To make this happen, the software provide:

  • Over 100 predefined reports
  • Detailed summary task reports
  • Custom report creation facility
  • Intuitive report wizard that helps build guided report through a series of instructions and prompts

Complete Account Management:

It is integrated with popular accounting software. It has a Accounts Receivable invoice software which allows for easy entry of bill payments and other transactions like write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers. You can choose from many of the available A/R reports which include the invoicing software and link it with the popular accounting packages including Sage 50. It helps you in defining your aging periods; allocate payments to the timekeepers, set up discount rules for early payments and much more.
To help manage accounts properly, Sage Timeslips have some unique features inculcated in it. These include:

  • Easy entry of bill payments and transactions
  • You can have your own rules and time periods to manage accounts properly as per your business requirements
  • It is integrated with popular accounting software
  • Pre-defined Accounts Receivable reports to choose from
  • Payment receipts: when an outstanding payment invoice is applied for a payment then you have the option of either emailing a payment receipt to your client or printing it.

So take control of your time, spend less time on billing and time tracking, more on your business.

Sage Timeslips – Why Need Support

When it is about using the Sage Timeslips support facilities, you must be aware that the executives are not only there to help clear your doubts but also for other purposes. The support feature of the software will help you in the following:

  • To solve the technical problems starting from 24*7 access to support articles an product documentation to latest updates and downloads based on Sage Knowledgebase
  • To inquire about anything to everything related to the software starting from questions related to industry peers to certified partners to tips and tricks for using the concerned products
  • To learn how to work with the software
  • To contact expert technical professionals to help you deal with any difficulty or grievance that you may have

Sage Timeslips Customer Support Phone Number

There are times when Sage Timeslips gets surrounded with multiple issues that restrict the users from the access to software and this way work flow is hindered. This problem can occur due to reasons like installation, update, upgrade, conversion, compatibility issues, system requirements, customization, etc. So without getting anxious you can call us at 1 844 3134 857 or email us at We are here to help you 24*7 at your service.

Sage Timeslips Support Toll Free Number

For any query you have related to Sage Timeslips you can call us 1 844 3134 857, it is toll free number or click on and get in touch with us. Our in house team is here to help you and will provide you the best information on Sage Timeslips by combining their knowledge and experience. The Sage Support team assures you the first call resolution after identifying the error or any Sage related problem you have. The technical support team values your time and tries to offer resolution in the shortest wait time.

How to Connect Sage Timeslips Support on Phone

You just have to dial the toll free phone number and instantly get connected to an expert Sage professional. We are here round the clock to handle your queries and issues. The dedicated team of Sage is here to offer feasible solutions for all the complex Sage errors. You are guaranteed with a solution to your problem within a minimum wait time.

Sage Timeslips Chat & Email support

Apart from phone support you can also get in contact with the support team through an email. You can email and the Sage representative will reply you back the email within 24 hours of reporting time. There is also another option of Sage timeslips Online Chat with a Sage expert. This way you get instant support solutions.

Sage Timeslips – How Support Works

If you’ve been using Sage Timeslips 2015 or Sage Timeslips 2016, you must know that you need to upgrade your version as soon as possible as both of them are the retired versions of the software. Whether it is an instant Sage Timeslips upgrade or the installation of the latest version, you may need expert support at any stage of the process.
You have various options you can choose from for interacting with the Sage Timeslips executives. The technical support team will instantly handle the query and provide you the solutions to your problems at the earliest. These are as follows:

  • Toll free number – You can call Sage representatives anytime to get instant help
  • Chat – You get live chat option on the official website where Sage experts are available 24*7 to help you deal with any queries or technical difficulties
  • Email – You also have emailing option to choose. You can get the email id from the contact information and proceed. You can give the details of the issues you are facing and you will surely get a response as soon as an expert goes through.

We provide world best technical support to our customers, thereby promising them to be there whenever they need us.
No matter which means of communication you choose for connecting with us, we assure you of our complete focus and guidance in all possible respects. Our technical support experts are there to help you 24 hours a day.
Hence, you don’t need to hesitate in contacting us at any hour of the day.
You can call us, email us or you can be at our live chat interface whenever you feel like having our support. You can reach us at 1 844 3134 857. We focus on our support services as we know this is the most important thing to be ensured when we aim at gaining the trust of our customers.

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