Inventory item is a good which you purchase to resell in an ordinary course of business in a reasonable time frame.

There are 3 categories

  1. Raw Material
  2. Finished Goods
  3. Work in progress

How to Add Inventory in QuickBooks?

To Add inventory in quickbooks, you need to follow mentioned below steps;

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Step One

    Click on list menu on the top.

  2. Step Two

    Click on Items list.

  3. Step Three

    Click on Item button at the bottom and click on new.

  4. Step Four

    Select the type as Inventory part.

  5. Step Five

    Enter the item name,purchase and sales description and cost and sales price.

  6. Step Six

    You also need to select COGS account that will be affected when you record a sale of the item.

  7. Step Seven

    You have to select an income account that is affected when you record the sales transactions.

  8. Step Eight

    Select the asset account that is used to track the value of the items of finished goods.

  9. Step Nine

    Click on OK to create the item.

Need Professional Help?

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