When you are satisfied with QuickBooks’ performance using your accounts and expenses for business purposes, you will want to use the packaged software for various companies or funds. 

Some people have a common query that if they can use the application for multiple companies. And the answer is absolute, yes! You have to set up various companies in your QuickBooks software both in desktop and mobile applications. 

But it would be best if you keep some factors in mind for using multiple accounts in QuickBooks. 

The prime factor is a subscription. You can use only one account with one QuickBooks subscription. 

For connecting to another account, you need to subscribe again. In simple language, you need to connect every company’s history with a different subscription. 

Can You Have Multiple Accounts in QuickBooks? 

With the QuickBooks Desktop Pro version, you cannot open multiple companies in QuickBooks. 

You can use one company account with the application and then switch off and on the other tab for use. 

If you want to use different companies from a single QuickBooks account, you need to start from the ‘File’ option and then click on the ‘Open previous company.’ 

How to Change Company Name in QuickBooks?

Then you select the specific company profile which you want to use and track. Otherwise, the process is not possible for multiple company accounts.  

What are the steps to follow for using multiple accounts in QuickBooks? 

You have to follow some definite steps to download and use the QuickBooks application for using your multiple business accounts. 

So, that you can track the expenses and transactions well and measure them on a scale.

The essential steps are as follows-

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step 1

    Go to Play Store and install the mobile phone application or download the software for your desktop. 

  2. Step 2

    You have to choose a version of the application or software. 

  3. Step 3

    Go ahead with the sign-in option on the mentioned page. 

  4. Step 4

    While logging in for the account, you have a subscription and follow the guidelines to set up the second company’s login. 

  5. Step 5

    Now, you can log in to your company account. You will get to see the multiple accounts and select the one you are planning to work on. 

  6. Step 6

    You can change the company account with the ‘Gear’ option after logging in. you will get the opportunity from the top where the software provides the option of ‘Switch the company.’

  7. Step 7

    A built-in option enables the user to assemble multiple company reports from their company files. 

  8. Step 8

    You can use them one by one. You can close the first file of data and then use the second one. You can use them one by one. You can create the same report on this file, too, and then export them to a new worksheet when required.

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMB QuickBooks Technical Support Team, Which is available 24/7 on smbaccountants.com.

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