How to Share Quickbooks Online, Pro or Enterprise with Accountant

To Share Quickbooks with Accountant, You need to perform mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step One

    You need to first login to your quickbooks account.

  2. Step Two

    Then click on the Gear button and click on Manage Users.

  3. Step Three

    Now scroll down to the Accountants section & click on the Invite Accountants tab.

  4. Step Four

    Here you would need to enter your CA’s email ID with first and last name, they are not mandatory.

  5. Step Five

    Now on the email ID provided, a link will be sent to your accountant.

  6. Step Six

    Now here, your accountant will have to sign in and will have to create a unique email ID.

  7. Step Seven

    Until he signs in, the status will remain as “Invited”. Once accepted your accountant will be active on Quickbooks.

Need Professional Help?

If you still face issues and are not able to share quickbooks online or pro or enterprise with your accountant then you can give a call to us. Dial our toll free Quickbooks support number at  Chat now.

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