Solution: Conflicting copies in QuickBooks

Why do you get conflicting copies in QuickBooks?

Getting conflicting copies problem may arise when two concurrent users tries to make changes to a document and they both using it from different location In Drop Box. Drop box will never delete one of the copy or merge both the copies but it will create two copies resulting in creation of conflicting copies. Dropbox synchronizes data from you cloud based file from the remote computer however the local computer works faster.

Solution for QuickBooks user facing conflicting copies issues?

If you are facing this problem already you simply should delete the previous versions which two concurrent users have created and sync up with Dropbox.

How to Avoid Creation of Conflicting copies in QuickBooks?

  • Team in Sync: All those who are using QuickBooks at the same time should work in with proper communication where in each user should know what changes each is doing on the file/document.
  • You will have to assign the folders to local folders so that others don’t make any changes.

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