Quickbooks new company from existing company file

  • Same Customer base: When you are planning to start a new company where your customer base is same.
  • Large File Size: If you file size is very big and it hard to manage you should create a new company and transfer your customer base to new one.
  • QuickBooks Slowing down: If you customer base is large you may experience QuickBooks running slow which may affect your work then you should bifurcate the load in to two or multiple company files.
  • Dormant Customers: If you have a list of customers you have stopped working and want to get rid of you should go for a new file with all your existing or active customers.

Steps to transfer Customer list to the new company file?

  1. In your original company click on File menu
  2. Click on Utilities.
  3. Export and lists to IIF file.
  4. Put a Tick on customer list and click on OK.
  5. Select desktop and type the name of file as Customerlist and click on save.
  6. Open the new company file.
  7. Click on file>Utilities>Click on Import>Click on IIF files
  8. Select customerlist.IIF from the desktop and Click on OK.
  9. These steps will import the customer list to the new company without the balances or transactions.

Further Reading