Quickbooks Payroll Service key

Quickbooks Payroll Service key

Need to use an accounting platform and you are in a remote place where in you get internet seldom or no internet QuickBooks has taken away your worries with Payroll disk delivery. If you are QuickBooks user with no internet then you don’t have to worry as Intuit provides you an option to run QuickBooks without you being connected to QuickBooks online.
Whenever you purchase or fresh download QuickBooks Payroll, a 16-digit PIN will be assigned to you according to specificity of your EIN and payroll service. It is mandatory that you enter the Service key in QuickBooks. This will activate payroll services in QuickBooks file.
#1: How to obtain your service key: – you usually get service key via e-mail. If you lack service key, you can get it through automatic service key retrieval tool. Here, you are required to sign-in using your Intuit’s Account credentials. Contact us if you are still unable to retrieve Service Key.
Here are some possible reasons due to which you are not receiving service key.

  • Multiple payroll orders may be there in your system for a particular company.
  • Payroll product may be purchased from retail store.
  • The phone number that you have provided to intuit does not match with the number that you have provided in the account.

#2: Open QuickBooks Service Keys Window. If payroll service is not there in your company file, go to Employees –> open Payroll Services –> Enter Payroll Service Key.
If you carry payroll service in company file, go to Employees –> open My Payroll Service –> click on Manage Payroll Service.
#3: QuickBooks Service Key Window:

  • Click on Add, if payroll services are not enlisted.
  • Click on Edit, if you have enlisted payroll services.
  • Click on Edit, if a/payroll is enlisted.
  • Select Edit, don’t forget to note down service key.
  • Now, from QuickBooks Desktop, remove payroll service
  • Click on next.
  • When Payroll service message appears, click on ok
  • Now, check that you have active payroll subscription then click OK.

What happens in case of a new update?
Now the question is when you are a QuickBooks user you need to update your accounting to best and the latest versions available now if you have online or internet you just have to get the latest key and you are updated to the latest version however in case of no internet you have to order a new CD for Payroll disk delivery and you will be back to track.
If you need further assistance to resolve this issue contact QuickBooks Support .


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  1. Where can I find my QuickBooks payroll service key?

    Firstly, you have to login into the QuickBooks company file. Go to the Employees menu and then select the “Payroll” option. Hit the Add button and enter your payroll service key and click on the Add button. After this write the Disk Delivery key and hit the Finish button.

  2. Is the QuickBooks Payroll Service key is necessary to unlock the QB services?

    Yes, it is necessary to unlock QuickBooks Payroll’s advanced features. QuickBooks Payroll service is a subscription that you need to activate to enable the Payroll features in the QuickBooks desktop software. QuickBooks offers three choices: Basic, Enhanced and Assisted Payroll. You can choose as per your business requirements.

  3. Does the QuickBooks Payroll service key automatically calculate the payroll taxes?

    To take all advantages of all features, the user has to enable a subscription. It will automatically track all financial functions and including payroll tax programs also. The payroll tax calculation is usually derived from the payroll data that you entered in QuickBooks.

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