Quickbooks Email invoice Problem

Quickbooks Email invoice Problem

  1. Email not configured with Quickbooks: If your email is not rightly configured with your accounting software if you are giving command for let’s say attachment it will not take it.
  2. Inaccurate port and server name: Even if you have configured the email with QuickBooks software but you have not selected the right port and Server name you might have a problem sending the email.

How you can Fix Quickbooks Email invoice Problem?

  1. Go to Edit
  2. Then you have preference
  3. Click on send forms
  4. Click on My preferences
  5. There are 3 options webmail, Outlook and QuickBooks Email.You have to click on webmail click on Add a window will appear there you need to type your email ID.
  6. Select email provider ex. Gmail, Yahoo etc.
  7. Type server name including port number and click on OK.
  8. Close everything your email has been configured with QuickBooks.

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