How to Import Accountant’s Copy in Quickbooks

Importing Accountant’s Changes into Quickbooks

You are not able to import accountant copy the entire work stop on accounting side you are for sure in need of some immediate help. While you are trying to download the accountant copy you are getting an error “QuickBooks cannot find a change file that corresponds to this company file”

Reasons for ‘QuickBooks can’t import the Accountant’s Changes’ error 

There are a lot of reasons with which you can’t import the Accountant’s Changes. 

  • One of them could be the point at which you are importing the changes to some unacceptable company file. 
  • The subsequent explanation could be the expulsion of limitation from the Accountant’s Copy. At the point when you eliminate the limitations, it implies, you are voiding the underlying Accountant’s Copy that was made. 
  • A forthcoming Accountant’s Change was moved up to the QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Impacts and indications of ‘QuickBooks can’t import the Accountant’s Changes’ error 
  • Your system is seriously influenced by an error in importing Accountant’s Changes. Your system may freeze, QuickBooks may quit reacting, QuickBooks may shut down and in addition, you probably won’t have the option to import your file. 

There are a few indications of the error as well, all are listed below  

  • QuickBooks should be refreshed 
  • Your QuickBooks file is bigger than what can be put away 
  • Your web association may be moderate 
  • There may be a few changes in the settings which are keeping it from being imported, and so forth.

Steps you can follow to import the Accountant copy:

In process of Importing Accountant’s changes into Quickbooks, You need to follow steps, which are mentioned below:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Install the latest version:

    Issue with the import of accountant copy may be happening because of you using the older version of QuickBooks. If you are using 2013, 2014, 2015 you may see this problem occurring again.

  2. Latest Browser:

    You may see these issues if you have not updated your Internet Explorer to the newest version. It happens if the software is not compatible with the latest browsers.

  3. Accountants Copy File Transfer Service:

    You have to check if the accountant has used the file transfer service to send the document back with all the changes.

  4. Wrong company file:

    You have to check whether wrong company file is opened.

  5. Data Damage:

    You will have to verify if there are any duplicate files on your QuickBooks and troubleshoot the problem. When you are trying to restore the data that might also cancel the Accountants copy.

  6. Cancel the transfer:

    You have to cancel the accountants copy and manually enter the changes.

QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy Failed

Usually, QuickBooks Accountant’s copy failed occurs when you try to send an accountant’s copy using the file transfer service. Due to this issue, you cannot access the copy. Throughout this article, we will explain how to fix QuickBooks’ Accountant’s copy failed issue, as well as why it occurs.

Why Won’t QuickBooks Allow to Create Accountant’s Copy

Several reasons can cause QuickBooks Accountant’s copy to fail. We have outlined all of the possible causes, checked each reason, and found out the exact cause;

  • There is a need to update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • This can be caused by getting into a long dash in MS Word and then copying it into your notes. A protracted dash is created by entering two single dashes between two hyphenated words.
  • QBW file is 200 MB or larger.
  • Uploading may be hindered by a slow Internet connection or firewall settings.
  • Files of the company are corrupt.

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMB QuickBooks Technical Support Team, Which is available 24/7 on ?


  1. How can I save importing Accountant’s change into QuickBooks?

    Go to the File menu and then choose the “Send Company File” option. The next thing you have to do to choose the “Send Company File” option. Get access to view the export changes for the client. You have the choice to save a copy of new changes by choosing the Save option and then click on Save as Pdf. This step is optional

  2. How can I fix the importing Accountant’s change into the QB pending issue?

    Open the file and click on the “Accountant’s Copy” and then choose the “Client Activities” Hit the “Remove Restrictions” button. A warning message Importing Accountant’s change error will appear on your screen and must be sure that you are required to remove the accountant;’s copy. Hit the “Yes, I want to remove the Accountant’s copy restriction” button and then click on the Ok button to finish the program.

  3. Is it possible to reconcile in an accountant’s copy?

    No, you can’t reconcile the bank account while utilizing the Accountant’s copy. To do this, you need a full copy of your company file to get access to finish the bank reconciliation process.



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