QuickBooks Unable to Restore Backup Files

There are unfriendly situations when QuickBooks users face the error message like:
Error: “QuickBooks was unable to back up your company file. QuickBooks could not create a disk image”

How to Resolve the Issue QB BackUp Error Issue

You can cancel the backup and rebuild will continue. Prior to that make the backup.
Usually when this happens the problem is that the backup location is no longer accessible.
It is enough to unmount the drive and remount it. Rebooting the computer is necessary at times.
Also you may be using a disk (or USB key) that has been formatted using a very old disk format. It happens with a USB key formatted for MS-DOS. Unfortunately MS-DOS format is too old for the data QuickBooks stores. You should use HFS+ formatting on drives and USB sticks.

QuickBooks Enterprise Backup Failure Issue

Customer using the Intuit Enterprise Suite version 2013, 2014, 2015 , 2016 or even 2017 need to connect with Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support Number for any backup issue . Because your data might be corrupt or sensitive data may be lost if your try to fix this issue yourself .

Error: Unable to backup company file

The most common errors include H101, H202, H303, H505, and -6189, -82. The main reason why a company file does not open if the .ND file is damaged, incorrect, or if the .QBW file was moved during an upgrade without moving the corresponding .ND file.

How to Fix the Issue Unable to Back Up QuickBooks company file

Locating and recreating the .ND files can help resolve errors when a company file restricts approach.
The quick and simple way to resolve an issue with .ND files is to locate the computer containing company files for “*.ND”. Delete or rename the files (.NDOLD) then use the Database Server Manager to rescan the folders. This will create new files. If no .ND file exists, opening a QuickBooks company file on the computer where the file resides will create it.
When a company file opens, the server name and IP address can be verified by checking the Product Information screen (F2 or Ctrl-1).
If the problem still prevails you can contact QuickBooks Customer Support. The QuickBooks experts ProAdvisors provide you instant resolution so that you can resume your work hassle free. The Intuit certified ProAdvisors are approachable via various modes like phone support, email support, live chat etc. Sometimes due to some valid reasons you fail to reach the support professionals. In such scenario you can contact other reliable agencies.

Technical Help & Support for Backup Failed Quickbooks

Even connect with QuickBooks Backup Support for resolving your QuickBooks issue in the first phone call itself. It is an independent technical support provider for QuickBooks accounting software and peripherals. It houses experienced and knowledgeable professionals who with their combined skills help to resolve the issues. The resolution offered is complete and assured to be resolved in the minimum wait time.
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