What is “Cannot Open QuickBooks company file” Error & How to Fix It?

QuickBooks small business accounting software when implemented to the business it shows significant turnover by managing the accounting tasks flawlessly in minimum time saving money and effort. Like all the software QuickBooks is prone to errors.

There are situations when QuickBooks restricts the user to approach the company file. If you are using Qb Enterprise Single/ Multi user environment, you have to contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Number for authentic solutions.

There are many reasons for the occurrence of this error. While attempting to open the company file in the point of sale software.

You might face the following error messages:

  • Failed to open company
  • Error: Unable to connect to your company data file
  • Login to company file failed
  • Connection is broken

Reasons for The Occurrence of Failed to Open Company File

  • POS has been installed as a client workstation instead of a server
  • POS software attempts to reconnect to the company data file
  • The POS database service manager fails to run and is unable to login your file
  • Connection lost to the company file
  • Company file damaged
  • Company file was converted to a higher version of Point of Sale using a Windows XP SP2 OS

How to Resolve The Quickbooks Error Unable to Open Company File

Intuit has recommended several solutions to fix this issue. Follow the sequence of the solutions for better results. Before resolving reboot your computer system and log in as Windows administrator.

Solution 1: Allow Point of Sale to interact with the desktop

Solution 2: Create a test company file and then try again

Solution 3: Restore a backup

Solution 4: Rename the Company File

There are instances when the QB users encounter a series of -6000 errors and are unable to open the file.

The different -6000 series errors are as follows:

  • Error -6000, -107 – This normally happens if the .TLG file is corrupted
  • Error -6000, -1076 – This error occurs if QuickBooks installation is corrupted
  • Error -6010, -100 – This error occurs when a computer that is not the server is hosting the company file
  • Error -6012, -1061 – This normally happens if you have incorrect network setup
  • Error 6129, -101 – This error happens if you have incorrect folder permission or if the QB Database Server Manager is not working properly
  • Error -6190, 816 or -6190, -85 – This error normally occurs when another user is logged in to the company file in single user mode. It can also be a mismatch between the transaction log file (.tlg) and the company file (.qbw).

How to Fix the Error QuickBooks Couldn’t Open Company File

Ensure QuickBooks is up to date. It is also recommended to install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool first before performing any of the following steps. The -6000 errors can happen on both local and network setup.

Select the appropriate setup from the following options and perform the steps.

Solution 1: Rename the .ND and .TLG files

Solution 2: Open a sample company files

Solution 3: Copy the QuickBooks file on the desktop

Solution 4: Use ADR to restore your backup

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