Unable to use QuickBooks to email PDF in windows 10?

Unable to use QuickBooks to email PDF in windows 10?

If you are getting error while emailing pdf from QuickBooks in windows 10.You have to look for Adobe on QuickBooks Software first.
Why do you get this QuickBooks error While emailing PDF in windows 10 ?
Steps 1
Either abode is corrupted: First step which you have to take is to check whether your Adobe is working if it is corrupted then you have to fix that first by installing it again.
Step 2
No Adobe on computer: If by any chance you missed out to install Abode on computer you will not be able to complete this task without it.
Step 3
Print: Try to print if are able to do that if it is working you are all go to go.
If you are still facing the issues

  • Save PDF: If the above has not given you any results then you have to try to save as PDF.
  • Rename File: If all doesn’t work rename qbprint.qbp
  • Clean Installation: We may have to do clean installation for QuickBooks.
  • Login as Administrator: Check if you are logged in as Admin
  • Upgrade Your OS: You may face this issue in Windows 7 or 8 you may have to upgrade to Windows 10.

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