Upgrade QB Older Version to QuickBooks Desktop 2023

With a clear line of sight across your business processes and reporting, QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2023 has features that can help you make decisions more effectively and efficiently. The entirely new and enhanced functionality for QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise is covered in this article. 

According to the announcement, QuickBooks 2023 will become available to the accounting community and ProAdvisors on September 6, 2022. Increased mileage tracking, improved banking connections, and a new Cash flow Hub are a few of the new features that customers can anticipate finding in the 2023 products. Enterprise users can expect to see features like tracking of payment links, expiration dates, bill and PO workflow approvals, and inter-company transactions. 

The announcement stated that on September 20, 2022, QuickBooks 2023 would become generally accessible to small businesses. With the anticipated release of the Desktop product line to the ProAdvisor and accounting community in 2023, Insightful Accountant will begin publishing annual series on the new features related to QuickBooks. 

In order to comply with the annual subscription policies of the bundles, support policies for licenses of QuickBooks Desktop Accountant and Enterprise Accountant 2023 purchased as a part of ProAdvisor bundles are also changing. As a result, assistance will be included in the 2023 ProAdvisor bundles until May 31, 2024, or until the QuickBooks ProAdvisors‘ active subscription expires, whichever comes first. 

In 2023, updates will also be made to the ProAdvisor Bundles and standalone QuickBooks Accountant Desktop products. These products will be offered as annual subscription packages through Intuit’s internal sales channels. The 2023 subscription version of QuickBooks Accountant Desktop will take the place of the previous perpetual (3-year supported) license. This version will also include multi-user access, which is not offered in ProAdvisor bundles.

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Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

  1. Cash flow center: By tracking both inflows and outflows on a single dashboard, you can gain better insight into your cash flow. Tracking paid and incoming invoices, sales receipts, credit memos, payments, and more will help you get a better understanding of the incoming cash flow. Keep tabs on past due and upcoming vendor bills to control spending. Save time by automating calculations to combine multiple reports.
  2. mileage counter: Utilize a desktop or iOS-compatible mobile app to conveniently record, monitor, and view business mileage so you can accurately report it to the IRS and chargeback clients. By combining mileage information for all business trips and automatically using the most recent IRS rates to calculate deductions, you can streamline year-end taxes. Control costs by viewing, tracking and generating a report for all business travel in one place. 
  3. Banking relationships: Automated bank feeds from more client-favored banks save time while utilizing encryption technology for increased security. The user interface for QuickBooks’ banking features is more straightforward and recognizable. Users of supported QuickBooks Desktop products can download information from banks that are involved.
  4. Payment tracking links: Send a payment link to quickly collect payments for purchases that do not require an invoice, and then check the status in the new payment links dashboard. useful for obtaining payments without creating an invoice for initial consultations, advance deposits, and more. The new payment links dashboard makes it simple to keep track of the progress of your request and send reminders. Send a link to your customers via text message or email to request payment so they can pay online. 
  5. Node card reader: Record payments automatically in QuickBooks Desktop and accept contactless payments from various payment methods using a single card reader. Utilize the Node card reader to accept payments made with debit and credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and EMV chips. Businesses can provide contactless payment options to customers. Record and match the transaction in your books automatically.
  6. Equifax employment and income verification: QuickBooks Desktop Payroll has automated employment and income verification thanks to a partnership with Equifax. The employee information is validated using secure Equifax channels. Employee loan, credit, and other aid applications are evaluated, and if necessary, quick approvals are given. Users of QuickBooks have the option of using or not using the service.
  7. Intercompany transactions: Intercompany transactions, such as vendor bills and company checks, can be easily created between multiple company files. This automates the entry process between the two QuickBooks company files. The need for redundant effort is decreased by this new feature. With two QuickBooks Enterprise company files, users set up relationships. Through the dashboard, relationships between business entities can be easily established and managed. By allocating assets and liabilities accounts, you can keep track of transactions between business entities. To gain a deeper understanding of previously completed transactions, create reports on intercompany transactions. Select employees should be given permission to participate in intracompany transactions. 
  8. Workflow approvals for bills and purchase orders: With the ability to approve purchase orders and bills in a single dashboard, you can maintain business oversight and aid in reducing fraud. With the bill and purchase order approval workflow, you can confidently delegate accounts payable and purchase order tasks. Time is money, so use repeatable purchase orders and bill workflow approval templates that are simple to customize. Continuous monitoring of transactions that have been approved with an automated audit trail that contains information about the approver, the creator, and any relevant comments. automated timely reminders sent to staff members in order for them to act prior to the approval deadline.

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2023:

  1. Online bill payment: Spend less time by scheduling and paying bills in QuickBooks, which will then mark the bill as paid and let you know when the money has been sent. Gain financial flexibility by paying suppliers with a card or bank transfer, then having the money transferred via physical check or bank transfer. When using the optional Fast ACH and Fast Check expedite services or when paying with a credit card, there are additional costs involved.
  2. Upload Bills: Automate the bill entry process in QuickBooks to save time. Simply connect a shared macOS Photos album to your company file, and as new receipt transactions are added, they will automatically pre-populate for review. Keep your records in order by including files with bill transactions for streamlined audit trails. By comparing imported receipt data to already-completed transactions, time is saved.
  3. Better customer management: Maintain order by grouping your customers into different categories according to their types, statuses, locations, and balances. Personalized reports that automatically update as customer information changes will help you gain insights more quickly. By grouping your customers into different categories, you can better target your emails to them and increase communication.
  4. Synced images: Easily add images of bills, receipts, or other documents to your company file via automatic upload from a macOS shared Photos album to stay organized (note: This requires the use of macOS installed Photos app, and a shared Photos album). Your audit trails and record-keeping will be easier to manage with less manual filing required. Upload several files at once, automatically, to your company file. Direct document upload from a shared Photos album on macOS will hasten the processing of invoices and receipts.

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Operating systems:

After January 10, 2023, Microsoft will stop offering security patches and support for computers running Windows 8.1. Because of this, QuickBooks 2023 won’t work with Windows 8.1 and cannot be installed there.

  • Natively installed 64-bit Windows 11
  • Native installation of Windows 10, in all 64-bit editions
  • Standard and essential versions of Windows Server 2022
  • 2019 version of Windows Server, Standard, and Essentials
  • 2016 editions of Windows Server, Standard, and Essentials
  • Essentials, Standard, and Windows Server 2012 R3
  • Standard and essential editions of Windows Server 2012

Note: QuickBooks requires you to use Windows directly, not through an emulator or virtual environment.

Database servers:

Windows (natively installed)

  • Standard and essential versions of Windows Server 2022
  • 2019 version of Windows Server, Standard, and Essentials
  • 2016 editions of Windows Server, Standard, and Essentials
  • Essentials, Standard, and Windows Server 2012 R3
  • standard and essential editions of Windows Server 2012
  • The S Mode in Windows 10 and Linux is not supported.

Browser specifications:

You’ll need Google Chrome and internet access to use QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

Additional hardware devices:

Here are the supported devices you can use if you use the mobile version of QuickBooks Desktop’s Warehouse Manager:

  • It is advised to use a Zebra TC20/TC25/TC51 mobile computer (Android 4.4 & above)
  • MC40 Zebra mobile computer (Android 4.4 & above)
  • Additionally supported by QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0: 
  1. Voyager 1602g Pocket Barcode Scanner by Honeywell
  2. Mobile Socket CHS 7CI
  3. Code CS3070 

Software compatibility:

Many other apps are integrated with QuickBooks. Here is a list of the most popular apps available to you. The Intuit App Store has additional content as well.

Note: Making use of these features may be improved by adding more RAM.

  • Office 2021 from Microsoft
  • the year 2019
  • Both 32- and 64-bit versions of Office 2016 (including Outlook 2016).
  • Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Office 2013 and 365, including Outlook 2013. Recall that the web version of Microsoft 365 is not supported; only locally installed versions are.
  • With Microsoft Outlook 2016–2021, Microsoft Outlook with Microsoft 365, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, and other email clients that support SMTP, you can send estimates, invoices, and other forms.
  • Microsoft Word 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, or Microsoft 365 are required for letter preparation (including 64-bit).
  • Microsoft Excel 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, or Microsoft 365 are required for exporting reports (including 64-bit).
  • Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019 (32 and 64-bit), 2016, or 2013 are required for contact synchronization.
  • V19.0 of QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • 2022 Turbo Tax (Personal and Business).
  • 2022, Lacerte.
  • Pro-Series 2022 tax year.
  • Quicken 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2016 are the following years.
  • 2023, 2022, and 2021 QuickBooks Desktop for Mac versions.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Version 9.0 or later of Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for Business Planner, Payroll, and viewing forms.
  • Internet access with a connection speed of at least 56 Kbps is required for payroll and other online features and services (1 Mbps recommended). 
  • Internet Explorer 11. 

Compatibility between antivirus and antimalware software

The following antivirus and antimalware programs were used to test QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2023, Premier 2023, and Enterprise 23-0.

To get the best performance out of these programs and QuickBooks, you might need to change some settings.

Antivirus program

  • McAfee
  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • Avira
  • Symantec
  • F-Secure
  • Norton
  • Kaspersky
  • Trend Micro Security
  • Webroot
  • Cylance (Internet/Regression Only)
  • ESET
  • Panda Dome
  • Sophos 

Antimalware software: 

  • Emsisoft
  • McAfee
  • Avast
  • Webroot
  • Bitdefender
  • AVG
  • Malwarebytes
  • Spybot
  • Kaspersky
  • F-Secure
  • ZoneAlarm

Hardware and software requirements

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 won’t function on a 32-bit version of Windows; it needs a 64-bit version.

  • Processor: minimum 2.4 GHz
  • Minimum RAM (workstation): 8 GB; recommended: 16 GB
  • RAM (server): 1–5 users: 8 GB; 10–14 users: 12 GB; 15–20 users: 20+ GB
  • 2.5GB of disk space is available (additional required for data files). Additional software: The installation files include 60MB of Microsoft.NET 4.8 Runtime.
  • The following conditions must also be met for QuickBooks Connected Services offerings using Intuit Data Protect:
  • Demands a minimum of 4.0GB RAM
  • The largest file that is set to be backed up twice, plus an additional 100MB, or the largest file that can be restored twice. Only the workspace folder LocalApplicationData+”Intuit Data Protect” needs to have the necessary space.


  • Windows’ North American release.
  • When set to English, regional settings are supported.
  • When hosting multi-user access, the server computer must have administrator privileges.
  • Natively installed, not requiring the use of emulators or virtual environments.

Optical drive:

  • For physical CD installations, a 4X DVD-ROM drive is necessary.
  • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 or higher resolution with up to 2 extended monitors.
  • Best optimized for the computer’s default DPI setting.

Upgrade Procedure for QuickBooks 2023

The QuickBooks Desktop 2023 upgrade can be downloaded and set up on your computer. You can fix problems with your older version thanks to the upgrade, which is essential. A lot of new features and advantages are among the many advantages you receive from the upgrade. Your work will be simpler and more effective if you upgrade your QuickBooks desktop account, and this will aid in the quick growth of your company. 

Everyone seeks the quickest and least time-consuming method when it comes to downloading, installing, and upgrading software. We are here to assist you with the process by giving you a thorough procedure. 

Before upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2023, do the following: 

  • Check the system requirements 
  • Create a backup of your company’s data.
  • Ensure that all of Windows’s components are up to date. 
  • Updates have also been made to the Windows operating system.

Install the QuickBooks Desktop 2023

The most recent version of QuickBooks Desktop for subscription-based models is 2023. Many new, extra features and advantages have been added to this new release. QuickBooks Pro with QuickBooks Plus, Premier with QuickBooks Premier Plus, and QuickBooks Mac with QuickBooks Mac Plus are just a few examples of products that give you a strong argument for switching to a subscription model that automates and streamlines your everyday accounting tasks. 

Once you’ve confirmed that your system satisfies the prerequisites, you must run the installer and follow the steps outlined below: 


In order to complete installation, you must have all the necessary materials on hand. Here is a list of these things:

  • Keep a notepad nearby and make a note of the license and product key.
  • You must ensure that your system complies with all of QuickBooks Desktop 2022’s specifications.
  • You must look for the downloaded file that is saved with the.exe extension. Verify that you are looking for the file in the correct location.

QuickBooks Desktop 2023 installation:

  • Once all of your preparations are complete, carefully begin the installation process. Be cautious when choosing the installation type and the procedures to use.
  • Launch your Windows system’s File Explorer. Find the QuickBooks 2022 edition.exe file that you downloaded and saved to your computer.
  • Right-click on the downloaded file by going to it.
  • To begin the installation, choose the Run as Administrator option. One by one, adhere to all of the display instructions you receive.
  • You must follow the instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Along with that, you must concur with and accept the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 application license agreement.
  • After that, click the Next button to proceed. 
  • Click the Next button to continue the process after entering the license and product key to authenticate the software.
  • You are also given a choice between two different installation processes, depending on the circumstances.
  • The two different installation procedures are described below with specific steps:

Network and Custom Installation

  • In the circumstances listed below, complete the custom and network installation:
  • When the QuickBooks company file is hosted on the server.
  • If you set up a multiuser network.
  • installing QuickBooks Desktop 2022 elsewhere than the default installation location
  • Click the Next button to proceed after choosing the installation type.
  • The How you use QuickBooks option should be selected.
  • By selecting the option to “Change the install location,” you are presented with a new window where you can modify the location of the software installation.
  • Click the Browse button to select the installation location.
  • Now choose a different location in the Program folder from the default one by browsing. 
  • Now choose a different location in the Program folder from the default one by browsing.
  • After that, click the Next button to begin the software installation.
  • Select the Open QuickBooks software checkbox after the installation is complete.
  • Next, press the Finish button to proceed.
  • Now, when you check the box to open QuickBooks, it launches automatically.

Express installation

There are a few circumstances where it is possible to perform an express installation. Here are some examples of these scenarios:

  • While utilizing QuickBooks Desktop 2022 on a single system.
  • Install the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 software once more on your device.
  • For the first time, using QuickBooks.
  • Choose the Express installation method in any of the aforementioned scenarios.
  • The process can be continued by clicking the Next button.
  • For an express QuickBooks installation to begin, click the Install button.
  • The installation is complete once you click the Finish button.

Activation of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

When your installation is complete, QuickBooks prompts you to update the program and activate it before using it. The steps to activate are as follows:

  • Launch your installed copy of QuickBooks Desktop 2023.
  • Select “Help” from the menu.
  • Choose the option to Activate QuickBooks Desktop from the drop-down menu.
  • The next few steps are then displayed on your screen for your instruction.
  • Follow the instructions precisely, then double-check the details.
  • The QuickBooks desktop 2023 application is now activated.
  • You can get to work on it now.

Update QuickBooks Desktop 2022 to 2023

Users who are updating their software from an existing version of QuickBooks can perform the update QuickBooks Desktop procedure. You only need to carefully follow the steps in order to complete it; it is also simple to do.

Follow these steps:

  • Click the right mouse button when you are at the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • Next, from the list of options that is displayed, select Run as administrator.
  • Then, from the QuickBooks window’s top-left menu, select the Help option.
  • Choosing Update QuickBooks Desktop from the drop-down menu is an option.
  • On the Options tab, click now.
  • Simply check the box there. Mark each.
  • Once you’ve made all the necessary changes, click the Save button.
  • Open the Update now tab at this point. 
  • Select the Reset update check box in this tab.
  • Click the Get updates button when you are ready.
  • All of your QuickBooks software’s updates are downloaded and installed. 
  • Restart your computer, then launch QuickBooks once more.

Try the steps listed here if you’re upgrading your QuickBooks from an older version of the program to the most recent version. Complete the task by following the correct procedure.

Upgrade QuickBooks 2020 to 2023

The QuickBooks program has a life cycle of three years, so upgrading your company file from QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Pro Plus 2017 to QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) Pro Plus 2023 is a significant step. This implies that you must convert your data file(s) gradually between 2018 and 2019 or 2020 and 2023.

Then, before converting the file(s) to QBD 2023, we can restore the file in between by locating and installing the trial license of QuickBooks 2019/2020. When you open your company file in your more recent version for the first time after finishing, QuickBooks will prompt you to upgrade it. Additionally, after upgrading QuickBooks, there is no longer an option to open your company file in the previous version of QuickBooks.

This is how:

  • Make sure everyone has closed the company file.
  • Launch the latest QuickBooks Desktop version.
  • If there isn’t a company file open, select Open or Restore Company. You can also choose Open or Restore Company from the File menu.
  • Next, after choosing Open a company file. Choose Restore a backup copy and then Local backup if you have a backup company file (QBB) rather than a company file (QBW).
  • Find your company file by searching your computer. After selecting it, click Open.
  • Log in as the admin user for your company file.
  • QuickBooks automatically makes a backup of your current company file before you upgrade. The backup can then be saved in a specific folder by clicking Change this default location. 

Now that you have the newest version of QuickBooks Desktop, you can open your company file. Simply move your company’s files back if you keep them on a server.

Upgrade QuickBooks 2021 to 2023

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and click the icon.
  • Using the right-click menu, choose that option. Open with Administrator
  • Now, go to the QuickBooks window’s top and select the Help menu option.
  • Choose the update QuickBooks Desktop option from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, select the Options tab. Mark the checkbox in this by clicking. Mark each
  • To save all of the changes, next click the Save button. Go to the “Update now” tab now.
  • Select the Reset update checkbox in this tab.
  • When everything is ready, select “Get updates”
  • It obtains and sets up each update for your QuickBooks program.
  • Restart your computer, then launch QuickBooks once more.


We offer you support for your problems, doubts, and questions via various channels (Email/Chat/Phone). We are always available to help you in real time with sales-related problems, technical problems, and onboarding questions. Please get in touch with our customer service if you have any questions.

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1. Can I purchase QuickBooks Desktop 2021 in full?

The 2021 version won’t be available for outright purchase. Beginning on February 1, 2023, QuickBooks Desktop will no longer function. You will need to switch to QuickBooks Online or another program and export your desktop version’s data. In the upcoming months, there will be an update to assist users in downloading their data.

2. Do You Have Multiple User Versions? How much will adding more users cost?

Yes. Each unique user requires a license. For each license, there are separate sales. Each copy of QuickBooks must be the exact same version and year. Pro Plus allows for a maximum of 3 paying customers ($200 for each additional user). With Premier Plus, you can have up to 5 paying customers ($300 for each additional user). Only one user per license is permitted for ProAdvisor Bundles. Accountants who require additional licenses can contact sales for a solo subscription to QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Plus.

3. The Payroll Price Has Changed How Much?

Each employee will now pay $5 per month as part of the “Per Employee” cost component of the QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll subscription.

4. Is there any added value associated with the most recent increase in desktop prices?

QuickBooks Desktop is a highly developed, dependable product that has undergone numerous recent improvements. This includes numerous time-saving automation features (Receipt/Bill entries), a significant performance overhaul (64-bit enhanced computing power), and security improvements. This year’s addition of a new cash flow hub, which helps increase visibility into cash flow by tracking inflows and outflows in a single dashboard, will also be advantageous to accountants and their clients. We’ll release more details as part of our hoped-for September release.

5. How do I move my QuickBooks Desktop data to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced? What resources exist for learning about migration?

As compared to QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online has many wonderful advantages. There has never been an easier time to switch from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced. Find out how to transfer your QuickBooks Desktop company file to QuickBooks Online. Moving your desktop file to a QuickBooks Online company will save you from having to start over.

6. When should you update the Quickbooks software?

If your version is more than three years old, you should think about upgrading. The main reasons for this are that intuit will stop offering support and will turn off functions like credit card processing, desktop payroll, online backup, and online banking. If you discover that your current version lacks the functionality you need for your expanding business requirements.

7. Which version of QuickBooks Desktop is best for your company?

The features available in each QuickBooks software version vary. Start with QuickBooks Pro first. Pro is your entry-level desktop level, supporting up to three concurrent users. Premier QuickBooks desktop is the following tier. Premier offers up to 5 concurrent users and accomplishes everything that Pro does plus additional features. Premier offers features for each industry (contractors, healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, professional services, and retail editions). In QuickBooks Enterprise, the top tier. If you require up to 30 users, advanced reporting, advanced inventory with bin location, bar code scanning, serial number, or lot tracking across multiple warehouses, this version is for you.

8. Which online version is best for your company?

The main advantage of using an online service is that you are relieved of the need to keep your data file on your computer or server. As long as you have an internet connection, you can use the software whenever and wherever you want. There are three versions of QuickBooks Online available. Simple Start is the entry-level level for keeping track of one user’s income and expenses. More features are offered by QuickBooks Essentials, including the ability to automatically set up invoices on recurring schedules, control over what users can access, and tracking billable hours (up to 3 simultaneous users). Essentials is elevated by QuickBooks Plus. You can make purchase orders, keep track of inventory, gauge the success of projects, and make budgets (up to 5 users).

9. What is the procedure for importing credit card charges into QuickBooks Desktop?

Click the Import (Start) button on the Home Screen to get started. To choose a file, click “select your file, You can also select the desired file by clicking “Browse file” as an alternative. To access the Dancing Numbers sample file, click “View sample file” as well. After that, configure the mapping of the file column to the fields of QuickBooks. Simply click “next,” and your file data will be displayed for you to review on the preview screen.