Need help with Firefox or IE11, Knop Windows 7,8 and 10?

QuickBooks all version are compatible with all the browser before launching a new version intuit does all the testing however if you are still facing issues and you are looking for support we will help you with all your issues related to browsers and windows 10.
We will help you with all your window issues. Here is what one of our customer who was facing similar kind of issues.
In April of this year, Intuit remotely installed QuickBooks Pro 2016 on two Knop Windows 7 PC’s:
Intuit Quickbooks Pro Download 2 2016
We have a few questions:

  1. Will this version of QuickBooks work with Firefox (as well as IE11)?
  2. We are contemplating upgrading these two PC’s to Windows 10.  Should we anticipate a seamless upgrade, or are there issues we should look for?  If so, how do we fix any such problems?

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