Split in QuickBooks refers to the multiple GL accounts that are related to the transaction and the split transaction refers to the transaction that includes the current and the single remote account.

For example, The cheque transaction that are used for Rent expense account and are connected with taxes can be viewed as “Split” in Bank account. You can have the split deposits and split payment. QuickBooks allows you to edit, delete and enter the split transactions.

How to Delete or Edit Split Transactions

Split transactions are considered as complex because editing them or deleting them is not as easy as it seems. For making the changes in the split transactions you will have to go through your complete transaction report. To edit the transaction, follow  the steps given below:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Go to The Transaction

    ◼ First of all, go to the transaction that is to be edited.
    ◼ Then you need to go to the editable fields where the ‘Good To Know’ section exists from here you can view the split transaction of whose the item part belong.

  2. Click on Link

    Next you will see a link, click on it to get the details of transaction in the window.

  3. Use Split Transaction or The Date Field

    Now for deleting or editing the transaction you can tap on the split transaction or the date field.

  4. Click on The Save Button

    After doing all the necessary edits click on the save button and your transactions will be saved also you can click on the delete button if you want to remove the entire transaction.

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Split Lines in QuickBooks Transactions to Accounts Receivable

To split the lines in QuickBooks Transactions to Accounts Receivable, follow the steps given below:

  • Firstly navigate to the Banking menu and tap on the “Use Register” option.
  • Then choose the account on which the transaction is to be applied.
  • Now for changing the date you need to select the bank entry and the date field corresponding to it.
  • After that if required you can alter transaction number by simply clicking on the number field
  • Next type in the name of customer for transaction.
  • Further go to the payment field and type in the transactions entire cost.
  • Now tap on the “Splits” button and in available options choose the Account receivable option.
  • Then go to Accounts Receivable Payment box and type in complete sum of amount that is to be paid by the client.
  • Next identify the account in which the paid segment of funds is to be placed.
  • At last type the clients name in Customer:Job input box and tap on the records button.

Issues Faced While Using Split In QuickBooks

Some users complain that they are not able to delete the split deposits that were mistakenly split and they are not able to see them in un-deposited funds. So to solve this, you can get in touch with our SMB QuickBooks Technical Expert team.

How to enter the splits when the transaction has been already entered into the register:

  • At first navigate to the Chart of Accounts tab.
  • Then choose the View Register and Account History option of the bank account in the Action column.
  • Next by right clicking on the transaction choose the Edit option.
  • After doing all the required edits click on the save button.

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  1. What do you understand the word Split means in QuickBooks?

    Split simply defined in QuickBooks that more than one accounts on either the debit or credit side of a transaction has been impacted.

  2. How do I unsplit or delete any transactions in QuickBooks?

    The very first, go to Transactions and look for the Split transaction that you wish to change. Once you find the option then click on the Split icon and it will open a split window. Now, select the “Trash can” icon that you find beside the category that you wish to remove or unsplit.

  3. What do you mean by Split invoicing?

    A split invoice is one of several invoices, which together formed one initial invoice. Splitting a single invoice into multiple invoices allows you to provide flexible payment schedules, particularly when a large amount is the original invoice balance.

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