Windows 10: How to transfer files from Old to new Computer in QuickBooks Pro 2017?

Transfer of files to new computer in QuickBooks in Windows 10

You don’t have to worry if you have bought a new computer it should be an automatic process of you have loaded new Windows 10 on your new computer.
Things to keep in before the transfer of files to new computer:

  1. Back up: You must ensure that you have taken the back of the old data so that you can do the transfer.
  2. Ensure there is not Data Corruption
  3. If you are upgrading from a very old version to the latest, there might be some difficulties in transfer of data.

If you are facing issues with the transfer of files to new computer and if your computer is freezing after installing windows 10 on QuickBooks or installing QuickBooks you can give us a call and we will for sure help you out.
Customer who came up with the issue where he was not sure if transfer of files to new computer after loading windows 10 might hurt:
“I have purchased QuickBooks pro 2017, I have QuickBooks pro on my older computer. Do I load the new one on my windows 10 and then transfer my files to the new computer or do I load to old computer and transfer all to new computer?”