It concludes all information on how to install and set up the QB Database server manager. So, you can easily communicate with your all business partner/clients/users to find the best decision for your business growth

QB database Q manager download

To download quickbooks database server manager the settings need to be changed of the network and the customers option. Other then that like any application download the server manager would be downloaded for the quickbooks.

Server manager manages all the database with the applications which needs to be backed up in QB. This helps to protect data loss and provides good security to the data in server end.

For the database protection and security server manager helps to keep all the customers or clients in the sequential way to the hard drive which helps quickbooks to recall data.

Scan your Folder features

If you store company files onto the server, it must be scanned once to make sure that they configure you to allow other users to access to such company files easily.

  • Open Start button, select Programs, select QuickBooks and then select QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Now, select Scan Folders.
  • Check the folder that contains QuickBooks company files. If you don’t have idea about company files, you can scan entire disk.
  • Now, select Scan Button to start scanning. The display bar shows the scanned folders.

Monitored Your Drives Feature

You can make use of Monitored Drives features so that QuickBooks Database Server manager and all company files can be kept up to date.

  • Click on Start button, open Program, then open QuickBooks and then click on QB database server manager.
  • Now, select Monitored Drives tab.
  • If you want to monitor all local drive for company files, you need to select add, remove and rename.

Note: It is quite difficult to improve mapped drive.

Updates Features

To download update in QuickBooks, you can use update features.

  • Click on Start button, select Program, click on QuickBooks and then click on QB Database Manager.
  • Then select Updates.
  • Follow on-screen instruction to install update.

System Feature

  • Click on Start button, open Program, select QuickBooks and then click on QB Database Manager.
  • Now, click on system.
  • Now, click on system info of your system and install database server.

QuickBooks Database server is one of the most important assets of QuickBooks as all the database is managed from the server manager.

Mainly the QB database server manager  is used to monitor and configure the new companies files, it is also useful for scanning the folder of QuickBooks company files that are to be configured for multi user access.

So for managing and scanning your QuickBooks data, download the QB database server manager.

How to Download the QB database server manager

  • Click on the Product column and select the edition you are using.
  • Then select the year from the version column.
  • Next click on the download button.

How to Set up the QB database server manager

  • Firstly you need to open the QB database server manager by going to the start menu and selecting QuickBooks Database Server in Programs.
  • Secondly, scan the entire disk or the folder that comprises of the QuickBooks company files by simply clicking on the scan button.
  • Then by clicking on the Monitored drive tab keep the QuickBooks Database Server Manager updated.
  • Next Click on the database server feature to check if the companies files are associated with the server and check the status of the services and change if required.
  • Next update the features by simply clicking on the update button in QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Follow the instructions for the update and installation of features.
  • At last see the system features option and review the information of the system on which the QB server manager is installed.

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  1. What is a QB Database Server Manager?

    QuickBooks database server manager lets the clients/users make a path to share company files with different systems to find better outcomes. This, however, likewise encourages the clients to screen their multi-client network. If you need your company file to be gotten to by different users also, at that point you should have a QuickBooks database server manager.

  2. Where is QuickBooks Database Server Manager found?

    Go to your server PC, and then open the Windows Start menu.  Now, you have to Type “Database” into the inquiry and open QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Go to the Scan Folders tab. Significant: If you’re utilizing Database Server Manager 2019, this cycle shares the entirety of your folders.

  3. How would I update my QB Database Server Manager?

    To do this, you have to press the ‘Start’ key from your keyboard or press the ‘Start’ button and hit the click on ‘Projects’. After that Select ‘QuickBooks’ and afterward ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’. Then, you have to choose the ‘Updates’ option and follow the onscreen prompts to ‘Check and install available updates’.

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